Homeschool Mom In Search of Real American History Resource

Hi all,

I am a homeschool mom of two, ages 8 & 10. We are going to be making our way through American History this year and I’m looking for resources that are not liberal leaning. Let’s be honest, if I wanted them to learn the same history as every other child, I would send them to public school. What I am really looking for is something with pictures that will hold their attention but is still accurate. My curriculum suggests “Children’s Encyclopedia of American History” (Smithsonian) and I know there has to be something better out there. Thanks in advance!

Try this website

I remember the Smithsonian books being great from when I was younger.Im not sure what kind of politcal bias you would be worried about from the Smithsonian though.

Look at the “5000 Year Leap”. I’m 60+ years old and I learned more from that book than anything else. Trust me. And God Bless you for homeschooling.