Homeless vets displaced

So. Did you guys see that this was a hoax?

And before you come at the source, please know Laura Ingraham her own self has issued a retraction.

There was a thread on this last week, but it’s weird: I can’t seem to find it.

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I still don’t know what the ■■■■ happened.

The story and the counter story. Fact checkers helped screw it up.

People lie, mistakes happen.

I suspect what happened is someone tweeted, messaged or somehow repeated a bogus story or assumed something and it took on a life of its own.

There does not need to be an investigation, everyone just needs fo move on for ■■■■■ sake.

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Those who do not watch the news are uninformed.

Those who do watch the news, are misinformed.



Honestly, this is the best possible outcome, and that organization should be permanently disavowed. That said, the fabrication was entirely believable in our current political climate, so small wonder that it caught on fire.

Like 51 intel agency top officials said the “hunter” laptop was Russian disinfomation


Liberal progressives are more than likely underinformed on reality.

Sports illustrated is "undie"informed on the birds and bees.

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Maybe the federal enforcement agency can put em on a watch list .

Illegals are being housed in hotels. That we certainly know. Maybe there’s enough vacancy rate that it doesn’t impact other business or guests.

But this one wasn’t the only story. There are plenty of others out there.

One fraud story doesn’t change the actual impact in other cases.

Bottom line from what I see is that it’s all coming out of New York.

I did see a headline that some place was retro-fitting a vacant K-Mart building. Seems like a good approach to me.


awesome post.

that’s exactly the narrative they want:

“it’s bs somewhere, so it is everywhere”

gotta love the new-found skepticism of “news” now all of a sudden too

but not after years of an utter russian collusion hoax, etc


lets see. texas sends asylum seekers to new york.

new york uses hotels to house the asylum seekers and is ripped.

would you rather have these people homeless.


The person who first said this is a black female so…under lib rules…it’s all ok now. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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They were not kicked out.

The day to day reservation was not honored.

Purposeful muddy of the waters to dilute the housing crisis outrage.

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Maybe we send them to your house and neighborhood then.


The Sanctuary braggadocio is why the migrants AGREE to go there.


lol. you do know that i live in Dover, New Jersey.

plenty of here already.

send em the more the merrier.

Dover welcomes them with open arms.

but sending them to Dover wouldnt score many political points for Abbott.


They should send plenty more to Dover.

Governor Abbott is not concerned. Illegal aliens have drained much of his resources and is deflating the infrastructure. The gov is just trying to help illegal aliens and giving them a new life.

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Let NYC mayor Adams know there is a place he can easily transit those migrants to then.

This Dover?

An older story…not so welcoming though.

Yes, the Mayor of Dover is a Democrat, with heavy union support that protects him and makes excuses for his anti-immigrant actions. Yet, this is the same Democratic Mayor that in 2013 dumped labor and his democratic party and supported Governor Chris Christie. In a place like Morris County where there are few Democrats, labor claims that they have no choice but to support him. I have been in plenty of political and labor meetings where any critique of Dover is not allowed; there is always a phone call or two that comes after anyone mentions the need to really organize Dover voters. “Hey,” the call goes, “do not touch Dover,” or something stronger that I dare not to write on this column.

So how will thousands more migrants help people who have been here 25 years?

In New Jersey.

No justice or poor understanding of immigration law? They have been exploited by Democrats.

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They will continue to be exploited by dimocrats

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You bet they will. They will lie and enrich themselves on the backs of the newly arrived serfs they summoned to make a mess of immigration law and procedure.

The shame of it is that we could accept a lot more legal immigrants without the games played by DC politicians.