Hollywood tanking because of libs?

Just kidding, looks like record numbers at the box office! Funny, according to Hannity, Rush and Trumpsters, nobody goes to movies anymore because of the libs that run Hollywood…

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My god just politicize anything and everything would ya!

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It could be politics, or it could be that people don’t have the money because they haven’t had a pay increase in a couple of decades. Either way, they’re not spending their money.

Clickbait alert

I don’t like the movies being put out myself. I used to go to movies a lot but go about twice a year now.

SAG/AFTRA should be declared a hate group.

Geez, I’m sorry, i wasn’t paying attention, I was watching The Last Jedi on my phone.

Hannity and Rush talk about the demise of Hollywood all the time!

Clickbait? It’s CNN Money…

Actually, it’s record numbers at the Box Office being reported?

Hannity and Rush. Well theres a news source for ya!

Vilgilante, you understand I’m being sarcastic right? Rush and other AM dial taking heads have been lying when saying no one goes to movies anymore…

But you’ll never miss a Dinesh D’Souza movie. :roll_eyes:

Starlord is a lib

Good idea… then trump can score points with his base by turning down his 110K SAG pension……. It’s just pocket change to him anyway.

I never go to movies. I havent gone to movies since FlashDance. It has nothing to with politics. Nowadays there is Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Ha, ha, ha, ha…you’re expecting too much. :sunglasses:

Well, to be fair, they did push that Hillary movie that made like $50.

Makes it no less clickbait lol

its Warner Media. (aka ATT)

not clickbait. so sorry to burst your bubble.