HIT JOB? Liberals SLAM GOP’s Use of Term ‘MOB’ to Describe Left-Wing Protests | Sean Hannity

Liberal activists, left-wing legislators, and the mainstream media lashed-out at conservatives and GOP pundits this week over their use of the term “mob” to describe the outrageous, often-violent protests staged by Democrats in the wake of Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation process.

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MOB seems to be appropriate…Maxine ( Maligned Old Bi7sh) is applicable.
In my L O N G life, I’ve witnessed some strange stuff…but, the anger of these socialists / dems / snowflakes shows no boundaries. “Resisters” don’t support the needs of all of us…NASTY is not a campaign platform.
Vicious attack ‘people’ is appropriate for some of these “MOB” constituents.
These confrontations will generate mayhem.

Of course they aren’t going to be wanting the GOP to call them out for what they are. What needs to happen is some arrests for people disturbing the peace, inciting to riot, along with other violations of the law. Until that happens these people are going to do the same and get worse. If you don’t stop a child from throwing a temper tantrum at the outset the child continues thinking it works. Finally after years of doing nothing you’re surprise that the kid is a useless pile of crap. This is the same thing taking place using the first amendment. You don’t have any right to be a mob or destroy property.