Historic U.S. Job Market Continues as African-American Unemployment Rate Hits New Low

Historic U.S. Job Market Continues as African-American Unemployment Rate Hits New Low

(November 1) QUOTE: Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its monthly Employment Situation Report, which shows continued employment growth and a low unemployment rate in October. Job gains at this point in the business cycle are particularly noteworthy considering that the United States is in the midst of the longest economic expansion in its history.

BLS’s establishment survey shows total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 128,000 jobs last month, far exceeding the median market expectation of 85,000. Including a substantial upward revision of 95,000 total jobs for the months of August and September, and controlling for the estimated 60,000 decrease because of the recently resolved General Motors (GM) strike and the 20,000 decrease from temporary U.S. Census workers finishing their work, this report highlights the creation of over 300,000 new jobs.

Since the President’s 2016 election, the economy has added over 6.7 million jobs—more than the combined populations of Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware, Rhode Island, and Montana in 2018. Additionally, this total is 4.8 million more jobs than the Congressional Budget Office projected would have been created in its final forecast before the 2016 election… UNQUOTE

MY COMMENT: Trump is still winning for America. All Democrats can do is hate and lie, while Trump is making America great again!


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And let’s add this to that:
Trump Support Up This Week Among Black Voters
MY COMMENT: The studies have been posted from multiple sources many times in this forum: Peel 15% of blacks away from the Democrat party and the party is dead. Why are Dems screaming racism at the tops of their lungs now? This is why:


His latest Rasmussen is 46%

That’s hardly an inspiring approval rating.


I think it is great that the economy continues well under Trump. Good job Trump!

As to the black voters, if some increasing amount vote for Trump in 2020 then do be it. If his ideas and performance attract more votes, we’ll, that’s democracy in action.


Agreed on Count One.

Regarding Count Two: There is a consensus among analysts that if the GOP were to ever really, truly peel away 25% of blacks from being regular Democrats to being regular Republicans, that would be the end of the Democrat Party. So all these recent polls showing a shift, and also movements like #BLEXIT, and all that other stuff, have the Dems scared to death.

For the worst President in history? It’s phenomenal!

Did you go piss on the Macey’s Parade last Thursday too?


Blexit…now there’s a name I’ve not heard in a long, long time.
#Walkaway #Jexit.

Democrats realize the trend is not in their favor hence their throwing blacks under the bus and going whole hog for the Latino vote.

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The unemployment rate had been trending downward for an entire decade. Once again, just piggy backin’

And hit a record low under Trump.

Orange man good


He is on this one. Why don’t you © like it when black people are doing good?

How much of this historic black employment Trump versus Silicon valley invented gig work? Honest question. Straying from demographics, the job numbers alone do not speak to the quality of jobs and reportedly there’s tens of millions employed in tenuous employment circumstances.

They are doing good because of orange man?

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We get it, Obama was never responsible for anything negative in the economy during his two terms in office but now you want to give him credit for everything good that happens after he left office.

No partisanship there at all.

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Well, I didn’t say any of that. Just providing historical context in between all the orange man good posts.

All that free market personal responsibility == orange man did it

I like it when my historically downtrodden fellow Americans do good.

Maybe Trump will be the magical Republican to break 10%.

Maybe he will. Bless your little heart.