HISTORIC HANDSHAKE: Trump and Kim Make World History | Sean Hannity

With a handshake and a smile, US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un defied decades of heated, fear-mongering rhetoric between the nations that have technically been at war for nearly 70 years.

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please please please those who put power and office above peace—support president Trump on N Korea—only anti americans would not.

It is amazing the so called main street media interjecting that our President is giving in to the North Korea. Nothing has been verified. It is amazing he sits down with Kim and agrees to items and it is going to take time yet the democrat press says it is a sham. Look what the so called main street press spokesman for the democrat party did not question any foreign meetings and a lot were bowing to thugs and shipping 150 billion dollars in cash in the middle of the night. Giving 20% of our uranium to Russia and it goes on and on a walk in the park for Obama who ran the biggest criminal organization in our history that included the IRS, SOS, FBI, DOJ, EPA, Dept. of Energy and again a free pass by the democrat so called main street media. I wish Trump would at the press conferences bring in local reporters twice a month.