Hillary will run again- Former senior advisor


The more I think about it the more I hope those around Hillary keep her from running. With the amount of support she has from Republicans it’s possible she gets the nomination without a single vote from anyone that is currently registered as a Democrat if it’s a large field of candidates


shes not running again

shes smart enough to know how good that would be for republicans


No, she can’t see that. She thinks she is destined to be president. She’ll keep trying until she’s dead.


aw cmon man shes not running

she might be a politician but shes not dumb


listen to your gut


I mean America wanted her to be President too.

But I hope she doesn’t run again.


Idk…Hillary is the epitome of out of touch politician with thoughts of grandeur


She’s going to run, but as a republican. She knows her best chance is to have the know nothing rubes on the right vote for her.


Trump proved that you just need to blow smoke up conservatives butts and they will happily vote for you…so I could see this tactic working out


But I’ll tell you what. I really really hope there is the Judgment Day that Christians say there is. Some Republicans will certainly pay for the demonizing they put her through. I think now that it hadn’t been for Bill, she’d have won.


The democrat version of pallin?


Lots of difference. Palin’s a trailer park version of Hillary, in it for the money. Hillary likes money but she mostly likes power. Hillary’s a lot smarter and more devious than Palin is.
Don’t you think?


Hillary is definitely smarter than Palin, but that’s not saying much.


How will that help her unpopularity score?

its forever tarnished.

if she runs she will lose.

its very simple.



Beto will crush Hillary just like Obama did. Beto is popular, Hillary is not.



damning with faint praise.

Kitty and Puff-Puffy (my cats) are smarter than Palin.



Please run and get absolutely hammered again Shrillary!


Not hard to do when she won’t shut her pie hole.


Beto lost. He’s not going to be a factor in 2020.


Responding to a poster who said BIDEN likes to have people think he’s running.

Or did you miss what I was replying to?