HILLARY UNHINGED: Clinton Repeats Totally DEBUNKED ATTACK on Brett Kavanaugh


All I can say is I will vote to support anyone who will act in opposition to the devolving course we’re on right now. If that’s a Democrat, third party or some individual who magically appears…so be it. If, God forbid, Trump appears to be the most applicable candidate in that regards, I’ll spend election day at home getting drunk.

In reality, I don’t see us changing course anytime soon. We’ve got a long way to fall and a far greater divide to build before those “cooler heads” of the past have a resurgence. Until then, I’ll do whatever is in my extremely small ability to do to express my opposition to this lunacy.


It’s up to people like you me who are on opposite sides of the aisle that can talk. What we need are moderate candidates. This business of RINO and DINO are driving us to extremes.

I seriously would have voted for Kasich in the last election.


I would have voted for Webb. And I agree, we need moderates in power, not the radical buffoons we have now. But I’m sorry to say that is not in our near term future, we are and will be in the voiceless minority for a while yet to come.
On the bright side, at some point, a moderate government will be the inevitable outcome of all this…that’s the one thing I’m sure of.


I hope so. The way people get their news these days is pretty scary though. The 24 hour news shows are just horrible…you can watch total Republican bashing or total Democrat bashing. It takes a lot of work (and self discipline not to settle for what one wants to hear) to suss out the straight story.

I came here in the first place to find out why people who disagree with my politics think the way they do (specifically, why they supported the war in Iraq).

I would like to think that if Trump were a Democrat I would be voting Republican in the next election, but that is probably easier said than done.


I originally came here in 2002 mainly to see what others believed and to express my own views. I’ve changed my positions on many things, but not my overall principles. I think I’ve been fortunate in having an opportunity to engage with reasonable people of many different political ideologies, some I agreed with and others I opposed. I’m not going to claim conversations were better back then, but there were more intersecting views. There were always differences in positions, but the overall ideals, at least, seemed to have commonality. Now it seems far less about those ideals and far more about the positions. Back then I supported the war (still believe the reasons I did are valid) but I also understood why others didn’t. I wasn’t one of those that used the “anti American” label to define the opposition, a matter of fact I called out those who did on several occasions. Over time it became noticeable that some, on both sides, reversed their positions on issues like that depending on who was in power at the time. Then it became noticeable that the numbers of those few began to grow. At this point, those people make up the majority…or at least the majority that is heard.


There is no Dem (at the level of running for president, anyway) for whom I would vote over Trump.

That’s how bad the Dem positions are to me.

Add to it the fact that there isn’t a Dem among the bunch for whom you cannot likewise find lies in his/her record, and even the “liar” factor becomes a non-factor.


Not one single Dem is better than Trump?

I’m going to get drunk with Tguns.


I too, understood the reasons for people supporting the war even though I didn’t agree with it. I took my shots about being a traitor. I even had my service questioned just because a person with my politcs couldn’t possibly have been in the service. Funny and sad at the same time.

I see no reason why I can’t compromise with conservatives…but Trump is a whole different animal.


I deliberately and specifically said:

You left that out.

Probably there is some obscure dem somewhere who resurrects the spirit of Zell Miller, for instance, and I could find myself preferring him/her over Trump, but that’s not what I was referring to.

There is not one dem being mentioned as a presidential candidate that I would consider better than Trump.

And I’ll repeat this:


The fact that you don’t care or don’t see the danger a man like Trump is and are too partisan to do anything about it means I’m buying the first round for Tguns…I’m here take free drink even with a sailor.


You make a leap with that “fact”.

And another leap.

The FACT that I consider every Dem presidential possibility to be worse than Trump does NOT lead to the conclusions you have made. It only means that the Dems are even worse.


I have the sociopath’s actions as facts to back me up.


And you’re suggesting that his actions say that I don’t care or that I don’t see the danger?


You see his actions as well as I do. This man is far worse than any other candidate Republic or Democrat.

You choose a sociopathic monster to continue be president.

Own it.


I disagree with your opinion on that.

Our disagreement doesn’t make the lie that I don’t care truth. Our disagreement doesn’t make the lie that I won’t do anything about it truth.

I just won’t do what you want me to do about it. That’s not a reason to continue pressing a lie.


I have no say about whether or not he CONTINUES to be president. Nor do I (or you) have a choice in the matter. He’s your president today. He will be so tomorrow. And next year.


You have chosen a sociopathic monster to be our president over sane candidates of both parties. That led me to believe you do not care. If you want to split hairs and say you continue to support this nightmare of a president but you do care so be it. I apologize for claiming you do not care. However that does not mean you abdicate responsibility for the damage he is doing.


Yes. Voting for him was one thing. Continuing to support him after finding out what a monster he is quite another. My bad if you do not continue to support him.


No, I haven’t. I voted for another candidate in the primaries and for 3rd party in the general election.

All I’ve said now is that in spite of all the negatives in trump, the Dem presidential hopefuls all stand for positions that are worse for this country than any threat Trump poses for this nation.

You disagree with that. Fabrications are not warranted because of your disagreement with my position. You have your opinion about Trump and the dangers he poses. You are entitled to that opinion. I have no obligation to adopt it.

Apologize all you want. You just move onto the next and the next fabrication. I have no responsibility for any damage he might do – no more so than you do.

Define “support him”. There are certain;y things he’s doing I disagree with. On the flip side there are things he’s doing that I DO agree with.

Are you suggesting that there is nothing I can agree with without you asserting “support”? What does opposition look like? Am I supposed to make up things about others (if your opposition is any example of what opposition should look like)?


You didn’t vote for him…

My bad. I jumped to a wrong conclusion. I completely apologize.