Hillary - still waiting in the wings?

i know i know she lost get over it

yet another hillary thread…

t’aint gonna happen…

well someone thinks it will, and you gulp their “news”. so is it possible?

before you pretend again you hate hillary, some dont. check this out:

“How would Hillary stack up as a nominee this time around? Hillary certainly looks stronger and more fired-up than Biden; she has the energy he lacks. She has a bigger following on social media (28 million Twitter followers, compared to 5 million, for instance) and she has a large devoted following who, like Hillary, still cannot believe she lost in 2016.”

are you terrified, or secretly excited?

Biden’s a doddering mess now mired in finger assault accusations which unlike the crap dems barf up, is credible. anything goes i would say

Liz Peek is a regular on Cavuto and Fox & Friends. So I don’t take her opinion that seriously.
And she is cherry picking the polls regarding Biden’s support.
Biden isn’t going anywhere and Hillary isn’t waiting for the call.

Check out this quote i found on the internet.

It is funny that the argument is made that Hillary has more energy than Joe. Also probably true.

The infamous Clinton boogeyman will continue to haunt the chapels.

I agree. Biden will be the DEM nominee. I don’t see this rape allegation gaining any traction. As I’ve stated all along, I’m an issues voter. If I were a DEM and Biden was the DEM candidate, I would vote for him, regardless of any clouds that might be hanging over him.

the clintons never go away

it’s good you realize this!

you dont take her seriously because of a show she goes on, or because you disagree with her?

sounds like you watch a lot of fox news

At times I question her motives for what she writes. And yes, I watch FoxNews as well as CNN MSNBC and BBC. And I read a lot of various publications.

Hillary waiting for the call, eh? Things that just make ya smile. :sunglasses:

I can just see it now. About 10 years after Hillary passes away one morning on Fox & Friends:

“This just in - there are reports of a new drug that can bring Hillary back to life so she can run for President again,”


IOW…if she becomes the nominee, you won’t vote for her…amirite? :sunglasses:

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IF pigs fly to house, cut themselves up and make bacon for me, I will eat it… People to really let her go…

As I didn’t vote for her last time.

Thanks. That’s a 1/2 vote for Trump. :sunglasses:

Nope. My vote was 1 vote for Evan McMullin.

There is no such thing as 1/2 vote.

I could see Democrats trying something like that.

K…and stick with that same thought this November. :sunglasses:

Just like Bill’s stain of impeachment is forever.

Ironically, that is something that Bill Clinton and Donald Trump now share.

the hill isnt fox news