HILLARY’S SERVER HACKED: Memo Confirms ‘FOREIGN ACTORS’ had Access to Clinton Emails | Sean Hannity

A new memo exchanged between two Republican-led House Committees and the FBI revealed Thursday that “foreign actors” had gained access to Hillary Clinton’s emails; raising new questions over her use of a private server during her tenure at the State Department.

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The title is absolutely false as it relates to the memo. It does not assert that her server was hacked. The memo says “foreign actors” obtained access to emails “via compromises of the private email accounts of some of her staffers.” Meaning some of her staffers were emails using their private email accounts. It’s not referring to Clinton’s private server.

sad fact—clintons do not and never have had to obey the laws—i was assigned to protect CIA and army intel hall of fame member col paul lutjens----we were instructed that if we violated the law that involved any classified document it was jail time. clinton had at least 35 secret and who knows how many classified documents that were “misused”. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO HER BECAUSE SHE IS A CLINTON.

And they should re-open the Benghazi investigation. Her hacked emails compromised the safety of the Ambassador who had been pleading for help for months before the attacks and allowed the terrorists the knowledge that they would be unopposed.

The question is was this access by “Foreign Actors” sold by Clinton.