Hillary Puts Herself In The News Again

No offense, but I don’t take advice from someone who loathes Hillary. Her “whine” didn’t hurt Dems in 2018 midterm. In fact, her impact is about zero right now, except to Loyalists.

I wish there was a link! Without a link, there’s nothing to discuss. How are we supposed to discuss without a link? Where’s the link?


We could discuss the love affair some people have with Hillary Clinton.


Hillary wasn’t why we voted Trump. The entire leftist insane agenda & wanting not to be a socialist 3rd world country is why we vote.

Or the fact she’s still feared. What if Hillary runs?

There’s no link! How can we know what to say if there’s no link? Where’s the link?


She won’t run. She’d get destroyed in the Primaries, and she’d lose whatever influence she currently has because of the humiliation she’ll have to endure by losing so hard. She peaked with the DNC nomination. It won’t happen again and she knows it.


Or maybe you just actually have a life other than politics all the time. It’s a good thing. It’s why I come here, but just on & off. I don’t live & breathe politics. I just like to put my 2 cents in, for what it’s worth, & it’s probably not worth much, LOL

What a load of crap. Trumpists didn’t want that screech owl president any more than I did. There are two reasons I have heard or been told most frequently here…never Hillary and Supreme Court nominations.

Or maybe it’s because there’s no link.


That is the CEC narrative right now.

Heard Rush talking about it yesterday.

Scrapping the bottom of the bowl these days.

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We’re only talking about Hillary here, on the forum this morning, because @Ceasar decided to start this thread.


We get it, you’re funny

I agree, it is looking good. The business people who usually donate to democrats is running scared of anyone talking socialism.

Hillary was a socialist?

No, it didn’t have anything to do with that.

It had more to do with the butthurt of having Obama as president for 8 years, and abandoning every last principle that many right-wingers bitterly clung to from 2009-2016 in order to win.

It’s about winning and nothing more.

It would be a good time for her to jump in, her advisers likely know Biden will take some dings by this Ukrainian news running daily. Interesting how they are betting on her to run. If Biden’s floor drops it’s either Warren or Sanders who will she might be pressured to get in the race.

More bettors at one British bookmaker are backing Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic Party’s 2020 nominee than they are any of the candidates actually running in the race, giving her better odds of winning than Senator Cory Booker and Beto O’Rourke, among others.

Small dollar donations for Democratic candidates are up.

If they are giving money, chances are they are more likely to vote.

There are more of them than high dollar donors.

Finally, a link! Baa baa!



A ham sandwich has better odds than they do. That’s a low bar.

If we look at the thread history here, it’s entirely right-wingers who have spent the last few years predicting she’s going to run again.