Hillary Puts Herself In The News Again

Just pointing out to all the leftists that SHE is the one who keeps placing herself in the news.

We keep getting accused of being obsessed with her, or bringing her up, etc.

We actually WANT to stop talking about her, but she finds a way to keep herself in the news, usually crying about her tragic & unfair loss, that she REALLY won, & she’s entitled to the Presidency.

If she would stop injecting herself we would be happy. I bet every time she brings notice on herself you on the left lose votes. I’m kinda’ ok with that, but would be willing to win them over through ideas rather than hear her cluttering up the news with her inability to deal with losing.

I mean, the people in the coal fields, the deplorables, gun owners, & those painted with a broad brush as being bigots, phobes, smelly Wal-mart people, & anyone who dares think any thought different from her or who doesn’t worship Marx are just stupid for not voting in the queen.

She needs to go away. Her input on current events are not needed.

She has the freedom of speech to cry over & over in public about her tragic loss, but it just make’s her look bad & doesn’t help democrats. You go girl!

First of all, all of the Trump Loyalists in House and Trump continually bring up that Democrats are still upset over 2016. No Democrat in office is still saying that. Crap, even one Loyalist said that Mitt Romney was still upset over losing in 2012. How sad of a party is that?

And how does Hillary talking hurt Democrats?

I’m over it, just pointing out what YOU JUST DID! Hillary injects herself over & over crying, whining, & trashing us deplorables. She injects herself but we aren’t supposed to say anything? We ARE over her loss, we won.

Because they are. Every effort to impeach him thus far proves it. There have been many.

She hurts you by reminding voters why they voted Trump.

I wish there was a link in the OP, because I have no idea what this thread is about.

It’s kind of hard to find anything to discuss. It seems more like a Hillary Outrage Thread than anything else. I mean, I hate Hillary just as much as any other Trump supporter, but I have other things to get outraged about these days rather than some grandmother who has no political office/aspirations.


How many impeachment inquiries have there been?

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Hurts me? I didnt vote for the conman currently under investigation for possible impeachable acts. That’s all on you MAGA supporters to understand that your guy possibly did some real bad stuff.

I have a clear conscience. I feel if Hillary had won, we wouldn’t be at this point…I take that back, Republicans would have launched numerous impeachment inquiries. Just like the 8 Benghazi hearings.


It’s harder and harder to get that 2016 election night high these days.


I’ve already given you enough advice. If you don’t understand why her whine is hurting the left I can’t say more.

Talking about crooked Hillary at rallies and things like that is like pumping oxygen into casinos in Vegas to his base.

Hillary is the reason TrumpCons voted for him. If she goes away…they lose their explanation and rational for supporting Trump.

The villain has to be restricted every once in a while’.


I hadn’t even heard about this till it was posted here… I must not be as in tune with politics as I think… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Google it. She was on national news last night trashing Trump, saying impeach.

Obviously you failed to understand it.

Just like you Dont understand how continued love fest for all things Trump is hurting the Republican party.

Lindsey Graham before he lost his soul:

Let that ruminate awhile!


Naw, I been enjoying it every day. No difficulty at all.

He should have never learned how to play golf.


Enjoy the next few months then.

It is looking like it will be great.

I don’t care enough about her to Google it. Some people apparently still cling to her every word, as evidence by the OP, however I couldn’t care less what she’s saying or doing as long as she’s not running for office. Her opinion means nothing to me, and in my opinion it shouldn’t matter to anyone else either.