Hillary Outright Implies Election was Stolen From Her

She’s ridiculous. And more demented and delusional that even I suspected since there is of course no evidence of any such thing. She just angrily busts it out in one of her 2 bucks a ticket loser “evening with the Clintons” tour events (god forbid she’s not in the spotlight somehow)

God what a bullet we dodged huh?

It comes across like her shill “why aren’t i 50 points ahead?” moment lol

oh sorry here from fox news:

before you spasm out “she lost get over it” or “lock her up” like robots, do you really think she actually lost because of a “stolen” election? show proof if so. that’s serious stuff.

this seems to be the new theme now with Dem losers, like great idiot Stacey Abrams who is pushing the pathetic narrative that she won too despite getting her ass beat.

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That’s been walking around in her mind for two years now. Poor thing. Thank goodness she’s not President.
Remember right before the election when she was yammering on about how Trump wouldn’t agree to accept the terms of the election?


She’s still living rent free. Time to let her go fellas. She’s a private citizen now and her opinion means squat.
Now, if she were to run again, then that’s a different story but that ain’t gonna happen, the witch is dead.

She lost bros. I never wasted life fretting on McCain or Romney. :rofl:

the news of the nation feels differently for some reason

ignore the news of her then?

the weren’t in the news years after on stupid nonsense like “evening with the McCains”

funny huh?


ah yes of course the hysteria over trump not accepting the election results good point ha.

what raging hypocritical idiots


She’s a private citizen. I ignore every comment that comes out of her mouth.


Those families continue to be in the news. I never fretted over them. :rofl:

candidates go to her. they value her words…,

Riiight. :rofl:
They’re avoiding her like the Ebola virus. It’s you guys who gasp at every little comment she makes.
Trump supporters want her back so bad they can taste it but it ain’t gonna happen. She’s done, game over.


because they were still in govt. and not whining and making excuses for losing like she still does

no difference?

was election stolen from her?


she outright says they do?

she a liar about that too?

she said that herself

she lying?

Neither McCain nor Romney claimed that the election was stolen. Al Gore also, who at least was much closer, and based on one state, with a much closer election, one state could have made the difference. He didn’t complain about the election being stolen. After he lost his appeal, he went on to other things. All the others have gone on to other things, Clinton has not.


she’s never going to stop complaining, but than again, I’m not going to lie……………
The Clintons are the gift that never stop giving!

The longer they stick around, the better it is for Trump.
So please Hillary! please continue!!! lol


Who cares, other than you :joy:

A trump supporter talking about someone being demented and delusional. I take her seriously but not literally.


Since when do Trump accomplices need proof of anything?

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