Hillary "Don't Tempt Me"

My friend watches the show - she had to explain.

The weather keeps showing up in the news too.

Note: “too” as in also.

I wonder if Hillary haters realize what they are doing when they demean women by calling them things such as “hag”.

Surely other less than beautiful women will realize they would say the same things about them.

Believe them the first time when they show you who they are.

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Lots of people appear in the news a lot.

If one mentioned them every time they appeared in the news then yes…it would be a good assumption to say there was an obsession.

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Yeah, what’s zerohedge? Some teenager with a computer?

I highly recommend both the tv series and the books.

this is pure nonsense


Why is it pure nonsense?

I think the Democrats should run someone who at least understands the electoral system they’ll be running under. She must be pretty dense if she still hasn’t worked out that the candidate must win the majority of the electoral college.

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we didn’t have a media fawning over romney as they were Clinton. a lot of liberals were getting ready to eat tacos that night.

I guess you didn’t watch Fox News or listen to AM radio or read Breitbart?

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because it is simply not true

oh you disagree i know but you don’t have any way of proving your point or even coming up with another example

regardless, here’s your chance.

prove to us it’s “obsession” when people mention someone who keeps appearing in the news.

You make the point.

She hasn’t “gone away” any more than the weather has.

And the media (the Dem Party propaganda wing) cover her as much as the weather.

Correct. Now you are getting it.

Every charge libs are making here are found in their own posts.

Oh, the hypocrisy!

Time to start a thread every time the weather is mentioned.

Maybe those Trump loyalists need a website to get their latest Hillary news:

They can bookmark it.

no one talks about the weather?

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should we avoid talking about whats in the news?

Talk about what you want.

Just own it instead of saying “Dammit, Hillary being in the news again MADE us have to talk about her”.

That’s just silly.

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