Hillary Clinton tweets support of voting reform laws in New York

Good to see Hillary out there and supporting these bills, which will help open up the voting system more. Let’s get these things going in all states.

Every state should make it easier to vote.

If you identify a state that makes it harder to vote you’ll identify bad Americans.

Seems to be the case in states where the majority is one certain party. Coincidence or not?


Indeed. So much work goes into making it hard to participate. Where you see those obstacles, you’re sure to find someone who fears our form of governance in the neighborhood.

If one really believes in a democratic government, voting WILL be made easy. Any other system says otherwise.

In NY is was because the Republicans had the majority in the Senate and wouldn’t pass any voting bills the Assembly (majority D) had passed.

Now, D’s control both chambers.

So, it seems, imo, it’s Republicans who block voting rights law.

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Any action that encourages 16- and 17-year-olds to vote is an invitation to night terrors during the daytime.