Hillary Clinton says Tulsi Gabbard is a 'Russian asset' groomed to ensure Trump reelection

On a Thursday Podcast, Hillary Clinton named Jill Stein as a Russian agent who had ran in 2016 to help defeat her. She also said that there is a current Democrat primary candidate who is being groomed by Russia to run in 2020 and help elect Trump.

The New York Times had already named Gabbard as a Russian “asset” that will be used in 2020 against the Democrat candidate.

I think the Hideous Hag has obsessed over her loss until she is nutty as a fruitcake.

Not a fan of Hildwag, but she’s right in this instance. Tulsi is Jill Stein 2.0


How does she know all of Russian assets?

Make one wonder who really might be a Russian operative when one has all this inside information.


Do you think Tulsi will run on a third party?
Do you think she’s being sponsored by Russia?

I think she’s at the point that anyone she doesn’t like is a “Russian asset”. Just like the loons of 50 years ago thought the KGB was following them.

I think she will run on a third party.
As far as being sponsored by Russia, I have no proof of that but she’s definitely a trump stooge.


Hillary needs to shut up and go away. Tulsi Gabbard can have her opinions. Is everyone not on the side of the Democratic Party elite a Russian asset? ■■■■■■■ moron, this woman is.

BTW, Jill Stein ran under the green party. The green party is not subordinate to the democrats.


That’s not something that had ever occurred to me, but you may be right.


Exactly. :rofl:

She will pull a Gary Johnson from 2012 if she does, and his nomination from the Libertarian Party did not affect the election either.

Hillary the loser, can’t wait till all those freaking investigations are over and she is silenced.

Gabbard makes a much better presentation than Gary Johnson did. I think Gabbard is the only 2020 Dem that possibly can beat Trump head-on.


Nope. :rofl:

She’ll say the investigators were KGB.

Is that why she is polling at like 2%

At this point, I think a lot of the Dems can beat Trump heads up.

I thought you had never heard of her.

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She needs to save that for the court TV.

I disagree. Jill Stein did a lot of damage in the 2016 elections.

In two key states that President-elect Donald Trump won, his margin of victory was smaller than the total number of votes for Green Party nominee Jill Stein.

In Michigan, Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton by 10,704 votes, while Stein got 51,463 votes, according to current totals on the state’s official website.

And in Wisconsin, Trump’s margin over Clinton was 22,177, while Stein garnered 31,006 votes.

In Pennsylvania, meanwhile, Stein’s total of 49,485 votes was just slightly smaller than Trump’s victory margin of 67,416 votes, according to the state’s latest numbers.