Hillary Clinton not running for president - John Podesta

At this point what does it matter? The probability of her running lies somewhere between a tenth and a hundredth of a percent. This type of discussion reminds of the people at work that just love to have meetings about a previous meeting about an even more previous meeting where nothing of value actually results. That said, It seems as though a high percentage of liberals don’t care. Why do conservatives?

Watching Trump supporters hop from one foot to the next ready to wet themselves at the prospect of having their #1 boogey-man back is hilarious. I hope Clinton says nothing definitive about running or not running just to keep this going. :rofl:

They did. And Podesta’s statement really supercedes that. I was suspicious about the earlier statement. It never smelled right. I’ll take Podesta’s word as more credible.

If you notice, R’s and D’s tend to go to friendly territory for interviews. Not saying that’s right, but it usually the way it is. And considering the way he was torn up by the right-wing media in the election, I don’t think you can blame Podesta for talking just to CNN.

CNN has a lot of Republican contributors. I know because my husband watches it every night and I see it when I go into the kitchen for something. They are really wackadoodles, too. I can’t understand why he even watches it.

It’s back to the fact that most of the time, the credible people won’t go to the opposing camp, so to speak, to do interviews. And the ones that do are not always worth listening to.

Imo, CNN isn’t liberal or conservative. I think their thing is to have people with opposing viewpoints bickering and talking over each other ad nauseam. It’s the same thing every night.

I don’t know why my husband listens to this crap.


CNN is so far in the tank for dems/libers it isn’t even funny.

You must not watch it then.

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Gone to graveyards - every one. When will they ever learn. When will they ever learn.

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No way she is running.

If she can’t get a long time dem like me to support her, she’s toast.

Her time is past.


Do you watch CNN? How much time do you spend watching them, to have developed this conclusion?

I’ve spent hours and hours over the last couple of weeks watching them, because of a current event in my life. It’s whats on. And I have to agree with @lulubee on this one. It’s opposing views talking over one another for hours on end. Uber-pro-Trump people arguing with Uber-anti-Trump people.

I will say there tends to be more anti-Trump than pro-Trump. But that’s a general reflection of society at large.

And it’s horrible, for what it’s worth. I wouldn’t care to never see another second of CNN again.

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…but if Hillary says it…that’s another story…amirite? :sunglasses:

Even if Hillary were to run, I suspect the Democratic Party would “Bernie Sanders” her after the results of the 2016 election.

Hillary should read up a bit on William Jennings Bryan.

Ran unsuccessfully 4 times. 4x the loser.

I will say I am disappointed in her not running. The CEC will be most disappointed, as will many posters here who prophesied that Hillary will not only run, but will be the nominee for the Democrats.

Darn it! I wanted to see her lose for a 3rd time! lol.

This is on CNN because it’s a legitimate news story. More legitimate than the earlier one, in my view.

When did she say it?

man, the Trumpets really want Hillary to run again, don’t they?

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More than anything in life.