Hilarious Video

Funniest thing I’ve ever seen.
Weather reporter staging drama for the cameras as two guys casually stroll by.

Fake media and there exaggerations…and they wonder why no one takes em seriously.

Our politicians our media and the troll armies.

Satan’s slaves.

It truly is a swamp.

Then CNN Weather Channel tries to excuse it–foolish excuses about mud and a exhausted newsman.

It’s just another mirror of deception. Blitheringly ever onward the leftist quest for self-destruction. The don’t want that rush of stupidity to end,

Stop being so ■■■■■■■ stupid. If you are trying to say the weather channel is part of a leftist conspiracy then sorry but your intellect is in question. And what the ■■■■ does Satan have to do with anything?

The reporter was an idiot for hamming it up but just take a look at the reporting on this hurricane by the entirely media.

They are all as bad as each other. Desperately trying to keep the interest going even though the storm constantly was downgraded. Obviously there is danger with any storm system but Florence did not end up being the apocalyptic event that was predicted.

Scroll down a little- Better version of that video :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen the reporting by the entire media. What I have seen doesn’t show a reporter leaning almost 30 degrees into the “wind” to remain on his feet, like this one did. I think his reporting can be called a lie. He should be fired and the Weatherchannel should suffer in the ratings until they issue a full apology.

Is this really the funniest thing you’ve ever seen? If so, you should get out more.

A culture of lies. Madison Ave of the destroyer, the life stealer. The world is the Killing Floor. The beings are like prisoners, in hell already…

Those who don’t get that are blind.

The forces in the world, politicians, media, billionaires seeking to control and manipulate. That is the workings of evil, Satan, Mara.

It is inside of you. Are you complicit?

I have no doubt that you think your babbling posts make sense but to me and I suspect many others its just a barrage of random words.

Though let me take a wild stab in the dark - the answer to all these problems is the Lord God Jesus Trump?

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I swear, the media is hyping up this hurricane in order to make Trump look bad for not being able to control the weather.

It’s funny seeing them get caught with no way out.
Wet grass is the best they can do.

The libs were hoping this was going be a major disaster, because they know it’d hurt Trump. Now they’re trying to play up the storm.

The funny part is they’re going make Trump look even better when this is over and everything turns out to be fine. Trump is going to take credit for his administrations response to the hurricane. He’ll probably claim he personally was the one who made the storm downgrade before landfall.

This is not the first time this sort of this has occurred. I recall a video a couple of years ago with a woman reported standing in a row boat describing the flooding from a storm and two guys strolling by behind her in ankle deep water. :wink:

Ankle-deep water – where it’s not supposed to be – is a flood.

Did you miss the part about the rowboat?

Why is the media trying to make Trump look bad?

This is worse than watergate.

Row Row Fight the Power.