Highest paid public employee makes 11 million dollar a year


While not as lucrative nationwide as football, basketball also produces a lot of revenue at many colleges. And like football coaches, I have no problem with top coaches making high salaries.


I have no problem with coaching salaries but the players are getting screwed.


It’s all about the revenue, until you talk about the actual players getting paid a little.


Good thing they have access to other peoples money.


Running a profitable business is pretty easy when you don’t have to pay salaries to the talent…


They are getting a free college education.


Football should be a totally legal private enterprise that is not endorsed, encouraged or funded by public money.

Encouraging kids to kill themselves with the promise of education is not what the state should be doing. Let businesses (including private universities) do it and reap the rewards and consequences.


Some are, not all.


Isn’t the US the only country to have this marriage between higher education and sports? It really makes no sense at all.


…and exposure to the pros to possibly earn millions.


That’s their fault.


No. We just do it better.


Who’s fault? They can’t give every football/basketball player a free ride scholarship.


What other countries have the type of connection between sports and higher education that we do?


Sure they can. There are millions of dollars in scholarship money left on every table every year.


Canada (ironically) and the UK for two.


Is the whole team on scholarship?


85 players can be on full football athletic scholarships at any one time in FBS. Generally, 21 or 22 or so are doled out every year.

FBS teams can have 125 players on their roster at any one time.

However, generally, walk on players are likely to play very little, if at all. They are going to be using those scholarship players unless they are injured.


according to the NCAA most schools lose money on sports (all but 20 in 2013)

and most football schools have huge sports related debt


Basketball and football pay for all of the others with a whole lot leftover.

I went to a small but very successful school where the football and baseball programs combined produced something like 25x what was required to run the programs.

The bigger the school and the higher profile their men’s Bball and Fball programs are the higher percentage of total revenues they produce.