HIGH TIMES: Sen. Gillibrand Unveils Her New Plan to Legalize Marijuana Across the US

Originally published at: HIGH TIMES: Sen. Gillibrand Unveils Her New Plan to Legalize Marijuana Across the US | Sean Hannity

Fading Democratic candidate Kirsten Gillibrand unveiled her new plan to legalize Marijuana across the United States Wednesday; saying ending the prohibition against Cannabis will be a “top priority of my Presidency.”

“Gillibrand said the ‘unfair’ enforcement of federal marijuana laws has had disproportionate impacts on communities of color and prevents medical patients’ access to the drug to treat chronic pain or other conditions,” reports The Hill.

“These are real injustices that affect millions of Americans and multiple areas of our society, and it’s past time to get to work making them right,” Gillibrand said in a Medium post.

“The New York Democrat’s plan includes establishing a process to regulate and tax marijuana production, expunging all non-violent marijuana convictions, expanding medical access to marijuana to all private and many federal health plans, investing in research into the drug’s health benefits, and directing funds gained through taxes to communities of color and women- and minority-owned small cannabis businesses,” adds the Hill.

The Senator’s plan seeks to nationalize legalization efforts that have led to recreational use in 10 states and medical use in 33 states.

“We’ve made great progress in recent years on legalizing marijuana at the state and municipal level, and we’ve seen the positive benefits in states like Colorado, Washington, and more. But a state-by-state patchwork is not enough to tackle the deeply rooted racial, social, and economic injustices within our marijuana laws, or to fully unleash the economic equity and opportunity of marijuana legalization,” Gillibrand said.

“With this plan, we can begin to dismantle the institutional racism in our criminal justice system, open up important new medical and economic horizons, and lift up communities who need and deserve a fair shot at opportunity,” she added.

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