HIGH TIMES: Marijuana Use Among College Students Hits Highest Level in 35 Years

Originally published at: HIGH TIMES: Marijuana Use Among College Students Hits Highest Level in 35 Years | Sean Hannity

More American college students are consuming Marijuana than any point in the previous 35 years; raising safety and health concerns after a handful of states legalized the recreational use and purchase of cannabis products.

“About 43% of full-time college students said they used some form of pot at least once in the past year, up from 38%, a University of Michigan survey found. About 25% said they did so in the previous month, up from 21%. The latest figures are the highest levels seen in the annual survey since 1983,” reports the Associated Press.

“About 6% of college students said they used marijuana 20 or more times in the past month. For adults the same age who weren’t enrolled in college, the figure was 11%,” adds the AP.

The study comes as California’s first Marijuana-licensed restaurant opens in West Hollywood.

The menu features items infused with cannabis, and patrons can purchase and smoke the substance while dining. The consumption of tobacco, however, is prohibited.

“Like any good chef about to open a restaurant, Andrea Drummer wants to get her pairings just right. But her lamb chops with plantain-mango salsa won’t be matched with wine or beer,” reports the Anchorage Daily News. “Instead, a ‘budtender’ – some in the industry call them ganjiers, as in ganja sommeliers – will help guests at the soon-to-open Lowell Farms cannabis cafe pair their farm-to-table meal with the perfect strain of farm-to-table marijuana.”

“A kush is a little more pungent, so it pairs better with a stew, or something like a beef or a meat product. A lighter lemon profile goes nicely with a fish,” said Drummer, adding another strain “pairs well with both savory and sweet. I’ve done it with ice cream, and with bread puddings, but I’ve also done it with octopus.”

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