Hierarchy of Evil

In your opinion, who is the most evil? What ID Group?

Could be terrorists.

Or racists.

Or criminals (please name the type of crime).

Please say why.

  • Terrorists
  • Racists
  • Murderers
  • Preying on children
  • Other (please specify)
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That’s actually a hard one.

I really hate people who try to intelligently justify their mass murder. So maybe terrorists?

But then again anyone who preys on a child is the literal scum of the earth and deserves to be put under a guillotine.

As bad as murder is, I can least understand in very specific cases why someone might do it if you know what I mean.


Did you pick?

Those who prey on children are downright evil. It takes an evil person to go after the most innocent among us.


Praying on children is the worst and even more so when it’s done by someone they should be able to trust.


That’s a tough one my friend. First thought terrorist but then you start thinking, attacking a police department of a corrupt government terrorist? Or are they a legitimate targets?

Racist? they’re idiots more than anything else…not a serious threat IMO.

Murders? If someone raped your child and you killed that ■■■■■■■ bastard…is that really murder? Yes their are some evil people that may kill for pleasure but they’re far and between.

Criminals? Most of em are acting out of desperation.

Preying on children…personally I cannot think of single justification…not one. So I’ll have to go with preying on children.


I despise them all but…some more than others with pedophiles leading the way.


I wouldn’t call that murder.

People kill for money all the time. Probably the most common reason for murder.

Possibly jealousy? drugs.

Yeah, jealousy is a big one. People who kill for drugs are killing for money.

lots of overlap here. i chose terrorists. they prey on children and everyone alike.

that’s why leftists coddle them

Is it out of pure evil or addiction?

I thought about it as I was going down my list.

Child abuse is true evil but victims can survive and live long happy lives. Murder victims are dead forever.

Killing someone to steal their drugs/money is evil, in my opinion, even if the perp is an addict.

There is some spillover between categories because terrorists most definitely prey upon children.

As a sidebar: Mohammed married his wife when she was 6, and consummated at 9.
When terrorists speak of the “72 virgins” know that they are talking about children.

Yes I understand that…but “some” people deserve to be dead if for anything else for betterment of society.

But I cannot think of one singe reason to prey on kids. Thus my vote.

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Is being a racist the worst thing one can be? Why?

Do you not understand why?

No, it’s definitely not “raw numbers.”


I think you need to re-read that post.

No, I don’t.

Then what is it?