Hey, Trumpsters, who are we at war with?

Yesterday I was told it was Eurwould. Today I’m told it’s Eastwouldn’t. Which one is it?

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Nothing and not i have clear idea

Apparently we are at war with each other.

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Law abiding citizens are at war with citizens that fight against enforcing laws that disagree with their feelings.


Like campaign finance violations? Those kinds of laws?

Who is “we” in your thread title?

I see so many people talking about 1984. You all did read the book, right?

And who was it who told him this? I haven’t heard it.

Islamic terrorism. But as ☭rump pointed out, that’s 98% over with, so hopefully, soon no one.

Yeah… its like we are Alice and forum is down some rabbithole

Democrats have always been the real enemy of the people.

Perhaps you are talking to uninformed people…

Perhaps a lunatic was simply a minority of one.

There hasn’t been a declared war since WWII, so no one.