Hey Media Geniuses Try This

I would think the White House Press pool would have found these months ago…

Geniuses they are not.

You’re welcome.

Why aren’t the media using them?

I don’t need to speak clearly for my profession.

So you want Trump to lipread?

Did you actually read the article?

Read? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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They’ve been developing these for months.

What do these have to do with the White House press pool?

Have to attack Trump’s enemies for any reason we can manufacture?


It’s just so random.

Maybe the problem is that Trump needs an hearing aid.

Noteworthy that you consider the media to be Trump’s enemies.


Moreso that Trump has gone out of his way to paint the press as his enemy, and by extension the people’s. Not even FOX is immune to his screeds.

I don’t, but Trump (and therefore his followers) sure the hell does.

I have been directly involved in the manufacture of one of the ones listed on the OP’s link.

Even using anti fog coatings, fogging is a persistent problem, especially after sanitizing it once or twice.

I have noticed that a regular mask can make it harder for people to understand but IMO it just exaggerated the effect of someone who speaks with poor diction.

I know what the OP is in reference to, which is more about the Presidents culture war on masks.

The words in your post betray you.

No, they do no such thing. I was speaking sarcastically as a Trump supporter. That was painfully obvious, I thought. I even used the word “we”.


Interesting and poor mind reading on some of the responses.

I found these through my work in education and watched a local news broadcast where the reporter was outside and wearing a regular mask and was mumbling through the report.

I honestly am surprised the media isn’t using these for on air reports. It is stupid not to.

The clear panel is to assist a hearing impaired person lip read.


Do you think President Trump is deaf?

You realize that the clear areas of the mask are not cutouts right. That there is a clear plastic panel.

So if cloth masks muffles the sound do to the intervening cloth, what makes you think having a plastic panel over the speakers mouth is going to improve sound transmission to the speaker is less muffled?

Since a hard plastic is likely to muffle sound MORE than a soft cloth, what specific benefit would the media gains from making the switch?

Why would you think only deaf people would benefit from reading lips?

Do you think cloth masks are better for news reporters to wear?

I am thinking of the audience at large, not just Trump. Glad he is in your thoughts.


I would think a clear panel away from your mouth would allow better sound transmission.

You may have tested this and found that not to be the case.


Lip reading is a skill that has to be learned it is not something the average person possesses and even then it’s not very easy. Even then simple words are one thing, complex conversations are another.

Don’t believe what you see on :tv: with an average joe picking up a pair of binoculars and being able to read the lips of a conversation down the street while doing surveillance.

As a the video says, lip reading is not like reading a book.