Hey libs. What do you plan to do with your illegals?

Remember the old line? “They are here to do the jobs that American workers won’t do.” Well here’s the problem. The jobs that American workers won’t do are rapidly disappearing. We now have self checkout at most stores. Will the job of cashier bee gone in five years? Fast food is going automated as well. Now they have this cute little gadget. A solar powered ro-butt that can work in the agriculture fields all by itself. The millions of pickers may soon be out of a job. So with the demand for low skilled labor fading fast, what exactly do you plan to do with the illegals?

You guys should deport half the agricultural workforce. Get rid of food stamps at the same time. Can’t wait for that hammer and sickle to fly over the white house.


You realize that you made absolutely zero attempt to answer the question. Right? I was not proposing the elimination of anything. I simply asked a basic question. And you dodged it.

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The better question is what are we gonna do with all the non illegals out of jobs due to these robots?

I’m going with Solyent Green

If they have no jobs there won’t be an illegal problem. It solves itself.

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Libs to Cons, we aren’t in power at this time. What are Cons doing about this problem?

The conservatives are doing everything they can. But they are fighting against the republicans and the democrats. The conservative are grossly outnumbered. Basically I don’t trust ether party never have. I am looking for your opinion. What do you think we should do with them?

It’s been answered but you ignored it. If there are no jobs for them, they won’t come.

Really? When did we stop giving free medical care and pubic assistance to illegals?

Really? When did we stop giving free medical care and pubic assistance to illegals?

You know that as long as we are giving them government aid, they will stay and collect it. Am I right?

Emergency room medical care and food stamps is not enough to live on.

I don’t have any illegals.

Some will, most won’t.

I dunno. Probably separate them from their children. Whaddaya think?

Neither is 7 bucks and hour. But they manage. Ok. I understand your theory. I just disagree with it.
So, I guessing that you agree, that with their jobs vanishing, the last thing we need right now is new illegals.

Tell that to all the businesses that continue to hire them. It seems strange to me that people really can’t figure out the solution to this. You cut off the head of the snake not it’s tail.

Walmart has curb-side delivery now on your orders. It won’t be long before robots are wheeling it out to you. :slight_smile:

what are cons going to do when they cant get jobs due to their lack of education???

Illegals and their families will continue to flood across the border while trafficking and distributing drugs to our kids, building up the Mexican gangs like MS13 and they are doing a brisk business in prostitution.