Hey libs. Do you want to cure cancer or not?

Isn’t cancer just like a cold or something? Or is that coronavirus?


From the article that you clearly didn’t read:

“These (Washington Middle) students appear to you like pawns in your political strategy,” said DJ Yu, a Garfield High School parent who testified at the School Board meeting on Wednesday.


“Some parents critical of the idea say the partnership with TAF and Washington Middle is a smaller way for the district to advance its plan.”

Oh, and another:

Parents of HCC students at Washington say they are worried about how the district will maintain advanced learning services under the new STEM model.”

Oh, and another:

Parents at the meeting also urged the district to expand access to the gifted program rather than scrap the model, arguing that the program has benefited some kids of color.”

There were two direct quotes, one from a parent (which you claim the liberal paper didn’t discuss, and one from TAF’s co-founder. And one paraphrasing a board member.

None were from union leaders.

And a liberal school system.

I’m always happy to help those in need of attention.

I’m not sure why we should play along considering the thread title displays your true motive and it doesn’t appear to be an honest discussion.

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Cancer is just like an attention getter. Did it get your attention? :grin:

BTW, If it’s cured it will be done by highly educated people. Yes?

There is a lot of evidence that kids in Gifted programs aren’t their because they are highly intelligent. Instead, they are usually there because their parents can afford tutors.

That is of course a gross exaggeration, but it is backed up by research and is the core of the argument against those programs.

There is zero evidence that I am aware of that kids who are in gifted programs go on to cure cancer. Most who go through our school system end up working on wall street.

Gasoline engine will never be replaced as long as big oil controls everything.

You honestly don’t think someone hasn’t engineered an engine driven by water or water vapor?

this wold be interesting if you could produce evidence that kids who go through gifted programs actually invent more things…I’m not sure that evidence exists.

Did Edison go through a gifted program?

Most lib arguments require a big fat “but”.

You know it’s bogus and unsupportable.


You gave them a convenient platform to ignore the actual point about the libberization of our schools.

Their response is typical.

A conspiracy that doesn’t pass the smell test. Not every liberal can be bought by big oil.
Big oil doesn’t tell Tesla what to do. They don’t control Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Bloomberg, or anyone at apple. Jeff Bezos has more money than anyone in big oil. There are hundreds of billions of liberal dollars that are not controlled by big oil.

I’m just not really into conspiracy theories.

I’ll dig them up. This was a huge topic in our town - still is. I think I have some emails from a few years ago - will look.

But in our town, the kids who are in advanced classes are from teh affluent side of town, and the kids from the immigrant section all work after school. They couldn’t keep up with he homework ver if they were brilliant.


I have Nephews that have gone through gifted programs and when they graduated HS they had so many tassels and badges and buttons I could barely see them. Such goofiness.

And a 4.0 GPA? That is now garbage, don’t you know.

This whole “have and have not” stuff is bad enough in HS without injecting all kinds of gifted crap and separation of classmates into the mix. Offer whatever courses you want, but don’t exclude kids from at least trying to pass the class.

To me, this is all part of the hyper-competitive parenting I see nowadays. I get that kids need to study and accomplish things but not being in a gifted program doesn’t mean your life isn’t going to amount to much. Hell, in HS I mostly took auto shop and English classes in my Senior year. I had no desire to compete for grades. I would do calculus for fun on the side but I never took anything higher than intro algebra.

After my stint in the Army I got serious about my education.

Gifted programs can be alright but you don’t need them, especially if they have been weaponized.

That doesn’t say that the kids in advanced classes are usually there because their parents got them tutors.

Your claim will not be supported in anything you think you can find.

Are you suggesting that schools, that are mostly run by liberals are intentionally keeping poor kids out of advanced classes? Even if they are better qualified than rich kids? This sounds completely backwards to me.

No I don’t want to not cure cancer.

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Those aren’t the only options.

Advanced kids can pass AP and IB and Honors and Gifted classes. Non-advanced kids can still pass the standard classes.

Nothing wrong with that.

Here are a few:


The last one speaks directly to the propensity from students to become inventors! Perfect for our cancer thread here.

There is still a different one I can’t find…I’ll keep looking.

Yeah, I think I even mentioned in my post that that was a snide over exaggeration.

let me rephrase - kids who have emotional and intellectual support at home, ample time in their schedule to dedicate to homework, and the financial resources to get supplemental instruction are the ones that most often end up in gifted programs.

Why does no one have a sense of humor today? Everyone is taking things even more literal and parsing every word more closely than usual.