Hey Joe. Here are thousands of more people who are not black

They actually are today’s rebels. Not satisfied with the empty promises of democrats. Decades of nothing. And happy with what the President has done. Good for them! It takes a lot of guts to go against the establishment. They are cool.


“Cool” people don’t advertise that they’re “cool” in this manner.


I guess you told them! You know what makes a black person cool. And they fall waaaay short of your standard for coolness. So now they are nether black nor cool? :rofl:

If you thing being decked out in Trump campaign merchandise while waving a Trump flag is cool… then more power to you. :joy:


The great and powerful Oz has spoken. :grin:

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Make the case for me. Why should people of color vote for Donald Trump?

By your logic, are Whites against Trump rebels, too?

About 55% of white people voted for Trump. That number is far higher in southern states.

It’s not my logic. I just posted a link. I have not thought past what these guys are saying. I didn’t see the need.


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You said, “They actually are today’s rebels.”

Is “actually” your words or theirs?

I can’t speak for people of color. But reasons I have heard include:

  1. Prison reform.

  2. Reduced welfare roles.

  3. Lowest minority unemployment in history.

  4. The stock market boom

  5. The destruction of ISIS

  6. The return of manufacturing jobs.

  7. Democratic led destruction of inner cities.

  8. Democratic efforts to defund police.

Yes. I know some of these were pre Covid. But we are quickly moving to post Covid.

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I guess you got me then. :astonished:

Now what? :man_shrugging:t2:


At least. His black support has certainly grown by more than hundreds. What does your research show?

My reading of the article in the OP does not show thousands so that’s why i asked. Thousands?

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They look black to me, just sayin :man_shrugging:

Then you disagree with Joe… He actually declared these people to be not black. Just sayin. :man_shrugging:t2:

He’s old and confused. I am Joe Message and I approve this Biden.

Nothing truly good ever came easy.

I applaud these brave rebels.


It appears to be 4.

Good for them for getting involved in politics!