Hey Gun Banners - Let's Talk AR Platform 😉

So for all you upstanding citizens who advocate banning “assault rifles”, what experience do you have with the platform?

Me personally, I was trained on by the guys who carried it in Vietnam, ran one for a couple of decades and taught it for about 30 years. Since I was an Instructor, I did extensive research on it as well. I believe if one is going to teach, one should have a depth of knowledge.

How about you banners?

  • I have a ton of experience and will tell about it below.
  • I shot my 100 rounds a year in the military or police.
  • My friend has one I shot a couple of times.
  • I’ve never touched one.

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There will be some test questions to follow.

Oh and one more question:

  • I am male
  • I am female

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I shot my 100 rounds per year on an M4A1 (which doesn’t even meet all the criteria for being labeled an “assault rifle”), plus however many we would go through during various STX lanes. Probably shot more M4A1 rounds as a Team Leader in 18 months of garrison life than my overall career.

Belt-fed machine guns were my specialty. I taught classes on the proper disassembly/assembly, weapon stats, maintenance, head spacing and timing, etc., depending on the platform (bringing that up because there is a Civilian version of the M249 currently on the market).

I was also the battalion RSO (range safety officer) for 2 years where I oversaw and approved/denied all OPORD’s regarding STX lanes before they reached Admin. I saw everything from leaking tritium to pop-no-kick on those zeroing ranges.

Why is the amount of experience with firearms relevant to regulating them. As I asked another poster a few days ago, how many planned and unplanned pregnancies have you had?


Uh it matters heavily.

Most proposed firearms regulations are proposed by people who have very little experience with them and by extension often base their regulations on falsehoods or myths.


Three here. All were planned, all were wanted, all were conceived in wedlock with the same person. No bastard-born in this house!

I hear that’s one hell of an achievement these days. :rofl:

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How many have you had?

One planned.

Would you care about the opinion of an illiterate idiot about banning books?


Our Founders intended ordinary citizens to keep and bear arms [a contemporary fire arm used by foot soldiers] so they would be ready and able to defend themselves against a despotic government if necessary. The AR-15-semi is a civilian version of the United States military’s M16 and ought to be kept by ordinary citizens to defend against a tyrannical government if necessary. Forewarned is forearmed.


In every oppressive country like communist China, socialist Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, etc., the people are disarmed and suffer the loss of inalienable rights under an iron fisted government which lives large on the people’s labor. Forewarned is forearmed.

What about Healthcare? How many people here have had experience of either running a private health insurance company or Medicare?

Defence? How many people here have experience in negotiating defense contracts, creating policy, working in diplomacy to ensure our defense policy works?

The list goes on education, the supreme court etc etc.

By Sneakys logic no one should be able to have an opinion unless they are intimately involved.

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Resistance is heavy. lol

And what about Australia, the UK, plethora of EU countries all of who have laws the restrict the ownership of guns yet they are not living under repressive regimes.

Dont forget your man Trump thinks that the leaders of both China and NK are great men.

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And stupid.


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Maybe only people who have taken drugs should decide whether they should be legal or not.

Also, was everyone involved with the assault rifle ban 25 years ago have intimate about them?

Where in this thread have I said anything about “only”?

I have taken drugs.
I was a victim of the “ban”.


@SixFoot at least their not whining about the poll options yet. This time they just demand to know why their opinions are not as valuable as somebody who actually knows something. Downside of the internet - Expertise Murder.

Oodles of experience with Weapons of all types in the first person shooter games I play. What? Are you telling me thats not real life. But I feel their recoil and everything!!’

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Gun owners are probably the only class of people in America that it’s okay to disparage and discriminate against.

To be fair mate we see that on all sides. Lost count of the idiotic posts I have had to refute on healthcare insurance as thats my wheelhouse.

Yeah i know not very sexy but thats my life.


I said people.