Hey GOP. Stop squawking and start walking

Nearly everybody in the GOP is talking about subpoenaing Rod Rosenstein. Is that all you are going to do? Talk about it? Either do it or shut up. Nobody wants to hear you talking about a subpoena anymore. How getting that subpoena out today? Put up or shut up.


Time to give em a little push cons.

They know they have more to fear from what he has to say than what they good they will get.

I think that the GOP better tread lightly on all of this. I believe the more the Freedom Caucus pushes for him to be ousted the more the American public will react in a very negative way. Many people will view such a move as obstruction of justice. It would seem that Rosenstein has successfully convinced Trump that he did not do the things that he is being accused of. The Republicans on the hill should let it go at that.

Then my point is even more valid. They should put up or shut up. Quit threatening a Subpoena if you have no intention of issuing one. Yes?

They don’t care what you want. His stupid base wants to that kind of stuff and he feeds his sheeple all they can eat. They’re idiots, they don’t know any better.

All I’m saying is do not issue threats unless you are willing to back them up. It’s generally a good rule for all to follow. Remember when Trump told Syria/ Russia there would be consequences for a chemical attack? Then he wiped out the airbase that launched the attack? Kinda like that.

I hear you. But for the most part I think that this is done on purpose so that they can get polling data on it.

You are as confused as you are bitter. It’s the House of representatives who keep talking about subpoenas. Not the executive branch.

Lock her up?

They follow their messiah’s lead.

And judging from the tone of the OP, you’re the one that’s bitter. :wink:

Wrong topic.

•Don’t divert a topic by changing it midstream.

The secret, as Trump has shown, is to keep changing your idle threats. That way your supporters don’t catch onto the fact that they’re idle threats meant only for political purposes.

You brought it up by claiming the executive.

I just heard Issa talking about a subpoena today. Boooooring!!! Do me a favor Darrell. Let me know when you are willing to do more than talk. zzzzzzzzzzzz.