Hey dems, how are you going to deal with your hate?

I have heard a few media dirtbags say it…I don’t know if it is “all this talk” I certainly haven’t heard it other than from a few media dirtbags…

Where are you hearing all the talk.

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I like that is describes the current administration accurately

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Democrats princess AOC and some democrat media. And we all know media is mouth piece for DNC.


So we also know that the media doesn’t set policy or pass laws…and AOC just likes to keep her name in the forefront. She has attention deficit disorder. She gets really pissy when there is any deficit in attention being paid to her.

I’m not backwards. Read into.

Any port in a storm?

It’s not Trump’s kitchen anymore. Jbiden - :kiss: <chief’s kiss>

Are you denying the left-wing media isn’t arm of DNC?

If so we have nothing to talk about.


No more than Fox News was an extension of the Previous Administration. Or OAN, Sean, Rush’s Show or Breitbart is now. Are you asking me to believe they weren’t.

I don’t buy into the media on either sides were a part of anything. But I will admit they try…man how they try…

News media is dead as for valid source of news…what they’re doing now is driving policies with slant to news itself.


Then why are y’all still so stinking angry? When Trump defeated the witch, nobody was calling for retributions against Hillary voters. We enjoyed the victory. And we acted like it. You are still spoiling for a fight. A fight over what?

With all due respect. I have never seen any sign of your conservative views. Neither has any other conservative in this forum.


i’ll believe you when i see a internment camp for trump supporters. Until then, you spewing false information.

What makes you think I’m asking you to believe me? That’s your business. But we are not making this up. It’s an actual movement. Definitely not false. There is already a thread with a link. Convincing you to believe anything is of zero concern to me. Believe in Bigfoot if you want. I don’t care. But for the libs who think de-programming is a good idea, I can speak for all conservatives.Take your clown show somewhere else. We are not interested. Move along now.

Hey, it’s good to know where he stands though, he isn’t going to be worried about internment camps until they exist. What an odd thing for an American. Who cares if people advocate for it, who cares if anything short of that happens, nope, not going to be concerned until they are up and operational. Guess he misses the point that once they are, disagreeing with them will be a one way ticket to join them.


56 percent in this forum support de-programming. There are two ways to do it. By force or voluntarily. Nobody is going to do it voluntarily and if they try force, it will be met with force. It’s a battle they cannot win. It’s all hogwash. Nobody is getting “de-programmed.” Disarmament would need to come first.

Missing a few preliminary steps to that though. Remove the senate filibuster, pack the courts and maybe add a state or two, then seize the guns and then you can deprogram at your leisure. Of course you may get a rebellion at any of those stages…

Hey, wait a minute, Democrats are talking about doing all of the above lately.


That is a bunch of horse crap. I have been here since 2003 and was always plenty conservative. I stand firmly on the 2nd amendment. Although I think there needs to be some safeguards in place to make gun ownership safer while protecting my right to own the 4 that I own. I am a fiscal conservative, always have been. I am more libertarian when it comes to government. Less is better. You conservatives have Grown Government by leaps and bounds and you all seem to be fine with that. What you remember is 3 or 4 years of me not bowing to the previous fake conservative president. He did what he came here to do…Ruin the Republican Party. And he did.

I have 18 years of strong conservative posts…Disliking a president and not falling in lock step with HIS policies does not make me a liberal.

I can see I won’t get anywhere with you. I wish we had access to all the past forums…so I could go back and prove my conservatism. However, I should not have to. I know what and who I am and what I believe. You chose not to believe it, as it doesn’t fit your narrative of anyone who could have possible not valued President Trump’s “conservative” ways.

Good day.


Since the advent of this iteration of the forum, you’ve done a great job of proving your libbism.

Just saying.


Problem is, you opposed everything Trump did, whether or not it was conservative, so maybe that’s it. I despised Trump, but I didn’t let that sway me on the issues or cause me to buy into every charge dems threw at the wall and so, nobody is calling me a liberal.


Not everything…I supported some things. Just this past week I was talking here about how it was such a great thing that he worked hard to get veterans the medical help they needed, without waiting for months and months even years to get that treatment. Just one example.

See what you want Zan…there was a time when I agreed with a lot of what you said and believed. It wasn’t so much about conservatism…it was Trump himself. I can’t stand behind a man like that…for political values that get crapped on by politicians anyway.

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