Hey dems, how are you going to deal with your hate?

I naively thought that after Biden took office, the dems would be happy. Like we were after Trump whipped the witch. But no. The anger, hatred and thoughts of retribution seem to still be consuming y’all. So how are you going to deal with it? Sit there, continue to bitch and moan? Whining about “Trumpers” when ever you can? Or will you man up, accept victory and move on?

I got new for ya. We’re are not going to be “deprogrammed,” re-educated or set straight in any manner by anyone on the left. Sorry folks, we will not be accepting your offer. You’re stuck with us. That said, can you handle it? So far the anser appears to be no.


Just as an aside…you keep posting OPs like this…Let me ask you…How are you dealing with your hate of democrats…and Biden? You seem very worried about democrats. Most people that have pushed for Biden to be president have moved on…why do you keep insisting in these posts that there is any hate? I personally have gotten over it. Trump is gone…I don’t care what happens beyond this. It now seems that there is a great deal of BDS going on…why?


Nope. It doesn’t work that way. You don’t get to dodge my question and offer one of your own in it’s place. Answer mine. Then I will answer yours.

Fair enough?

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I’ll answer his question, because Biden proved he doesn’t have Americans as his top priority on his first day in office, repeatedly.


I thought I did answer the question. I am not worrying anymore, Trump is gone and I don’t care beyond that point what Trump does any further…Just like I didn’t care what he did before he announced his candidacy for president. My dislike of the man exists…My disdain for him as President is done. I did not like Donald J Trump long before 2014 or 15. That goes back to when I was in high school when he would show up on lifestyles of the rich and famous all the time. I didn’t like him then and I didn’t like him now. That will not change. But as far as him and politics is concerned. He’s finished, we survived and I am moving on.

Now how about you…How are you handling the hate?


Any regrets on voting for America Last yet?


Going to have to give it a little more time to trickle down.

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Seriously, man. If Roberts determines impeachment at this point is unconstitutional I’m ready to let it go and be done with Trump.

I accept that people have different views. I don’t hate my liberal friends. I hate it when they insist that I conform to their views. I hate when they try to silence me, shut down my news sources and insist that there is something wrong with me that only they know how to fix. I hate being labeled things that I am not. Such as Homophobe, Nazi, Fascist, misogynists and others. I am none of these. Saying I am, is hate speech. That’s what I hate. So if we all simply agree that everyone has an equal right to their opinion without being told they need to be “fixed,” the hate would be over. Y’all have a lot of work to do.

Great reply. Eh?


Which stage of grief are Trump suppprters in?

After the events of Jan 6th, denial obviously is off the table.

Biden won, elections have consequences. Trump supporters will just have to accept it. Or whine about it. Either way Biden is still your President.

Is this thread about Trump?

Does the word/name “Trump” apprear in the OP?

Did you not read the rest of my post?

Yes. Is the thread about Trump?

Then why all the talk of retribution, deprogramming and reeducation etc?

Do libs understand what and who they sound like?




It isn’t. Is my post about Trump?

So walking a mile in my shoes…doesn’t feel so good. I have not changed my conservative views. I just didn’t agree with Trump as a conservative or as a president. Sure he did things that were conservative…but was he really? You are beginning to go through things that I have gone through for 5 years…ever since I decided I could not support Trump nor could I support Clinton.

Where we you when people called me lib…or called me gay…or told me that my wife wasn’t my wife, but was really my husband? Where were you when I was called a LIB, not liberal, Leftist not Democrat, Where were you when I was told I hated my country because I was not a Trump supporter? Where were you when I was told I was deranged?

I tried to make the same point that it was hate speech, and it fell on deaf ears. I agree, WE ALL…Not YOU ALL…WE ALL, because what is happening to you, happened to me for the last 4 years at least.

Walking a mile in the shoes that the other person has had to walk in through the muck and the mire isn’t so nice now is it?


In a backward way…Yes…Read between the lines of the OP.

It is about Trump supporters not being able to withstand the heat coming from Trumps Kitchen…Not being able to deal with the heat thrown at them from the other side…the winning side. It’s about Trump alright, and his supporters not being able to deal with losing…just like me and many others had to put up with, deal with after Trump won 4 years ago.

But mostly it’s about the shoe being on the other foot, because Trump lost…