Hey Democrats, Fighting Fair Is for Suckers

It is a city.

The author is justifying bad behavior due to his perception of bad behavior. IOW…two wrongs now make a right.

I explained it. Read it and comprehend it, or don’t.

Here, one more time…

Your article.

That is not blaming Trump. That is asking a hypothetical question based around a potential logical conclusion to the tit-for-tat behavior of eliminating political norms from both sides, that was ratcheted up by Trump. You’re intelligent enough to understand the distinction and difference.

No, its a district.

I agree. Which is part of why I oppose such a maneuver. But I also oppose the current occupant of the White House, and the complicity of the current GOP, in allowing the political norms become abandoned. Do you? Or do you only oppose the “other side” taking it another step further?

Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Do you mean using a phone and a pen?

It has a higher population than Wyoming.

What gets representation in a Republic, people or land?

One hopes that what was unacceptable language to write with a pen on parchment would also be unacceptable when tweeted from a tablet.

Let’s get rid of ICE……….TDS.

Playing soundtracks of crying children………….TDS.

Funny thread, funny OP.

Like democrats been fighting fair. What Trump has done is shown repugs how to fight like democrats.

And that pisses libs off.

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Showing pictures from 2014 and telling their audience that this lie is a current photograph…………TDS.

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Fake tears on national television in an effort to sell your agenda…………….TDS.



As for unwritten rules. Those are rules that libs write for repugs…not for themselves.

Look no farther then them thinking laws don’t apply to them…but they expect everyone else to follow em.

Well, to be quite frank, it pisses a lot of us former Republicans off to - because we remember a time (not too long ago) when the Republican Party was better than that.

Hence, the reason I am now a former Republican. I won’t be a part of any organization that stoops to that level.

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and while there might have been a retraction only a small percentage of those who saw the original will see the retraction.

Again…you expect repugs to follow the rules that libs written for em.