Hey Democrats, Fighting Fair Is for Suckers

That’s right…justify your own actions that inherently you believe is wrong…on someone else. Is this the lib definition of “temporary insanity”?

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I’m a liberal. I would never support packing the supreme court with additional judges. I also am fine with a supreme Court vote before for the midterm and why Merrick Garland being blocked by McConnel was so wrong in my opinion. But Puerto Rico becoming a state with full representative rights and maybe DC make sense to me. Let them try. Splitting up California seems petty.

No. That Trump has sped up the removal of previously agreed upon political norms, which has the ability to continue to speed up the process with either side taking it further and further.

And I’d caution being careful with that broad brush. This one article, and the quotes of a few others, is not the “left” by any stretch of logic. Now, should the Democratic caucus adopt these policies, and their base supports them in their efforts, you would be more correct.

What do you believe is the solution to preventing the devolution of our political process and the abandonment of long-established political norms?

Great post. I completely agree. And I also fear we may have already passed the tipping point. Look at how many people just on this little forum have such intense and immense hatred in their hearts for the fellow Americans. And for little other reason than because they disagree on policy that both sides of the spectrum generally only agree with because they feel it will make American as a whole a better nation.


Reading comprehension issues today? What actions did I justify exactly here?

Sped up? Ok, I’ll agree with that. It was already occurring.

As for the broad brush, you can argue bullet points. You aren’t going to argue concept or even sum total.

Do you think I oppose this plan?

Are you not blaming Trump for the “necessity” of some or all of this proposed course?

DC is a city. You want city states?

By blaming Trump.

Indeed. Which is exactly what I stated in the OP.

I’m not following. Unless you’re suggesting that the “left” has already deployed this strategy in total?

You tell me where you stand here, instead of me guessing. Is this what you hope comes of the next Democratic rule in both the Executive and Legislative branches, which will undoubtedly happen sooner or later.

As stated in my OP, I certainly oppose this thoroughly.

I was speaking of the article, not you personally.

This is the very definition of TDS.

Absolutely not. I am blaming Trump for speeding up a problem that was already occurring, and hoping to see a return from where both he, and others from both sides of the aisle, have taken us. I don’t find this to be a necessity at all. But I am realistically seeing it as a natural possibility. One that I hope is avoided and does not come to fruition.


Oh no? Name one of those points no one else but Faris has ever proposed.

Prevent? Why on earth do you think I want to prevent it?

Come on man, it’s right in the OP.

No. Its an established area with boundaries that has no vote in Congress with millions of American citizens that meets the requirements for statehood application.

Okay. That was hard to discern from this…

That sounded like you were using the terms “your” and “you” in response to my post, which indicated they were directed at me.

Had you said, “That’s right…justify libs own actions that libs inherently believe is wrong…” it would have made more sense.

Will this ultimately be the legacy of Donald Trump, in that he ushers in something like this, which changes our nation forever?

What is?

Can you give a definition of TDS?