Hey BLM supporters. Y'all got played

One of the BLM founders just took your donations and bought herself a 1.4 million dollar estate in a pearly white neighborhood. Yep, BLM is one of the biggest scams ever. The woke scamming the woke. Now that’s what I call social justice! Gotta love it!


BLM Co-Founder Buys $1.4 Million Home In Virtually All-White Area. Black Commentators Slam Her. | The Daily Wire

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Good for her. If the money she used was obtained above board, more power to her.

Why are racist commentators slamming her for living peacefully among white people? Is integration a bad thing now? :thinking:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Good one.

Oops. :rofl:

Well, it may be legal but I don’t see how it can be above board. I seriously doubt the people who donated to the cause thought their money was going into her pocket.


Patrisse - Mama got paid!

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Critical Justice Theory is big business.


She wrote a best selling book.

That alone could get her the money to buy the house.

Non profit organizations have leadership who have salaries. I’m not aware of how BLM is set up, but it’s not strange to think that she was pulling in some kind of salary. I would also imagine she makes bank on the speaker tour. Maybe she wrote a book?

Sure, sure. Or she could have built in the 'hood.

She could have.

She didn’t.

Oh well…

White progs defending as black people criticize…


Should she be canceled?

You think black lives matter in her new 'hood?


That’s up to her nation.

White right wingers pretending they care about the subject for any reason other than to score political points…



The article includes two tweets that criticize.

Pre-programmed for your viewing pleasure. :wink:


Right! Because BLM supporters gave to BLM for the sole purpose of making BLM “leaders” rich. I agree with you! Y’all should keep sending her your money!

Now she can watch her people destroy poor black neighborhoods from the safety of her rich white neighborhood.

BTW, you’re welcome for providing you news and information that your sources don’t want you to see.