He's back! Terror sheriff Arpaio running for his old job again

Can’t get rid of this guy, can we? He wants his old job back again.

“Watch out world! We are back! I will continue to stand and fight to do the right thing for Arizona and America, and will never surrender. Those who break the law will have to deal with this Sheriff.”

Hopefully the voters of Arizona know better than to bring him back again. He’s a black mark on law enforcement both in Arizona and the nation.

https://www.huffpost.com/entry/joe-arpaio-sheriff-pardon-running_n_5d631623e4b02cc97c8fb660?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuaHVmZnBvc3QuY29tLw&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAF9D1iDh1-hNmEy-zeSZc2JRMj0QG0badb4Bjm0f2GVDyya3Oep2gJCgU5OrxoC_UIQ8MXkbG_BbhzSlDUyCT1lgpiuH16j-KVb07s7_z6vBVfCwUqTXZLGFzLGUaKZ-YxlcBKRI-uA6kkBKDxPXz7WDWVK8yD9jfe1XBAhKr0DGstrong text

Racists and bigots (also known as some Trump supporters) will rejoice at this news.

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Boogey-boogey-boo! :rofl:

The Crypt Keeper returns, and right as Halloween season is ready to kick into high gear!

Maybe he will finally deal with all the rape cases that built up while he was sheriff

Which ones? Rejoice where?

Considering what many those on the Left think is golden I hope he wins big.


This rhetoric is just eight words long,
Eight words long,
Not counting the parenthetical just eight words long!
Eight words long!

I do appreciate your qualifying that statement. Though I don’t support Trump at all, I am glad to see when people refrain from broad brushing. It makes political discourse more civil for everybody.

Again, thanks.

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Paul Penzone is doing a great job and I am glad to see he is aggressively rooting out racist deputies.

He has not entirely cleaned up Arpaio’s mess yet, so I will be sending him a substantial contribution for another four years in office to finish the cleanup of the MCSO. It will take several more years to completely cleanup up the mess Arpaio left.


I personally know some of the Trump supporters to who he referred. I am, in fact, biologically related to some of those folks. Plenty of people in this part of Pennsylvania that are racist to an extent southerners could not dream of being. :smile:


South Carolina says hold my beer.

I doubt he wins the primary and he has a ZERO percent chance of winning the general election over Penzone.

I would think that given his history, he wouldn’t have a hell’s chance of winning. But then I said that about some rich old guy with no political experience running in 2016, too.

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I would note that politically, Maricopa County has shifted more Democratic than 2016.

A generic Republican COULD win it. Arpaio can’t.

Thanks for that. I hope, hope, hope you are right about that.

I would also note that I am favoring Penzone, as opposed to any of the non-Arpaio Republican potential candidates, as he has been doing an excellent job of reform and post Arpaio cleanup. I think he is needed for at least 4 more years. By 2024, I will probably be neutral in regards to that race. But a reformer is still needed, so I will support Penzone for 2020.

How come all you hannity posters that personally know a bunch of racists and bigots all live in liberal states? :thinking:


It used to be that Maricopa County was more conservative leaning as the State of Arizona as a whole. But that is definitely no longer the case. Arpaio has basically a zero percent chance of winning his old job back.

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