He's Back! Roy Moore is Running

Roy Moore, every Democrat’s favorite Republican Senate candidate has declared he will run against Doug Jones in the upcoming Alabama Senate race. Not all the suprising, considering Judge Moore never conceded the race he lost to Jones two years ago.

My question is what should the Republican Party do… embrace the Judge in the hopes of retaking a seat the Republican Party believes should be theirs, with all the national implications of embracing a man with a history of defying court orders and a line of allegations about sexual improprieties, or try to stop him and risk alienating his large home-state constituency. Last time the Republicans did a little of everything before going all in for the Judge at the end of race… to no avail.

What should be the approach this time?

Maybe his accuser will finally hand over the yearbook for analysis. She already admitted to altering it before she came forward.

Either way it’s a bad idea, but we know that phony accusations won the day last time. Maybe after the kavanaugh debacle and doug jones record, the results would be different.

You might want to read up a little more before you make accusations. Beverly Nelson said she added the date and place, but the signature was his. Adding the date and place doesn’t negate his signature nor the accusations.

And even Ivanka Trump – you know her, I believe – didn’t have nice words to say about Moore and believed his accusers. "“There’s a special place in hell for people who prey on children. I’ve yet to see a valid explanation [from Moore] and I have no reason to doubt the victims’ accounts.”

No, this is not a good thing for the Republican Party.

Any concerns about women voters for the Republicans or is that all squared away?

If the Republican Party is smart – :sarcasm: - they’ll criticize him for trying to make a comeback. Be interesting to see how Donald reacts.

Who needs accusations, the stuff he admitted to or is documented is bad enough he shouldn’t even have a prayer of being elected. Oh wait, it’s Alabama, silly me.


Lock up your wives. Lock up your daughters.

They need to agree on ONE candidate NOW and come down on Moore with every negative advertisement they can create. They need to start destroying the man completely. Get Jeff Sessions in the race if that is what it takes but Roy Moore needs to be stopped and destroyed at any and all costs.


I remembered it just fine. I said she altered it. You have now confirmed it again, and with a link for everyone to see.

Don’t care what ivanka said.

And I never said it was a good thing for the Republican party. Weird how many things you seem to want me to answer for.

Maybe she’ll turn over the yearbook for analysis. Probably not.

Is the National Mall the only mall Moore is allowed to enter?

The first sentence in your post wasn’t exactly a condemnation of him.

Maybe his accuser will finally hand over the yearbook for analysis. She already admitted to altering it before she came forward.

If you thought his running was bad for the Republican Party as you claim, why would you have mentioned that in the first place? Did you doubt he did what he was accused of?

I never made any claim one way or the other. You keep adding words to my posts.

Of course I doubt what he was accused of. Did someone prove what he was accused of?? Link??

The person who instigated the story is an admitted liar. Her name is beverly nelson. And not one person had any evidence of anything they accused him of.

Do you believe bob menendez is guilty of what he is accused of?? He’s a sitting U.S. Senator in your party. I don’t see you posting threads about him.

Just curious I don’t know squat about the guy but was he ever charged of paid damages to what he was accused of?


Surprise … Mitch is against him. Ruh roh …

And Moore’s lawyer was just arrested for driving under the influence and drug possession.

We’re not talking about Bob Melendez. We’re talking about Moore. And anyone could see you inferred the case against Moore was a sham. Adding a date and place to the signature doesn’t mean she’s a liar.

Moore won’t make it past the primary.

She presented her yearbook and the inscription as evidence (the only evidence) against him. It was only later that she admitted she altered it. That does make her a liar.

Given that he won against the incumbent and a rally for that incumbent held by Donald Trump, why do you think he will lose this time around. He’s the perfect “I’m a conservative victim, help me stick it to the Man” candidate. More emblematic of the Republicans than AOC is emblematic of the Democrats. In his opposition to Washington, his outside status and his claim of being unfairly excused he is the poster child for the modern Republican Party.

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