He's a wretched individual, but vote for him anyway

That’s a ringing endorsement. Is that what the GOP has become?


"The editorial described the 2020 presidential election as a choice between “a wretched human being [Trump] whose policies and instincts for helping America thrive are generally correct,”

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I find it accurate. And he’s not as wretched as he used to be.


No…It has just become the new normal. You’ve grown used to it…thats all.


We’ve gone from a shining city upon a hill to a pile of dog ■■■■ on the front lawn.



Has there been a single report of grabbing since he became President? No.

How about the type of crude remark he made about the woman during the debate?

Is he showing respect to the First Lady?

Is he recognizing the contributions of the other members of his team?

Mocked any POWs?

He’s worse.

He strayed out day one lying about the crowd size at his inauguration.

He’s worse. Not better.

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He was exposed to the virus, hid the exposure from those he interacted with, tested positive, got the world’s best medical attention on our dime, and started downplaying the severity the virus as soon as he could get enough breath to speak again.

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He maybe has been humbled by getting COVID. He’s still a super CO V spreader, because he refused to listen to conventional wisdom. I believe he is still a very wretched human being.

Jeebus, man.

You’re just reminding us of what folks thought was acceptable as a President in 2016.

He is truly reprehensible.

He’s not getting better, though.

He’s just daubing on more orange outer layer.

Hid the exposure? That’s quite a story.

Name one person he infected.

Pure TDS.

I think I’ll vote for him anyway. :man_shrugging:


Don’t set a very high bar there…He hasn’t sexually assaulted anyone and hasn’t disrespected his wife…:roll_eyes: Yet she still pulls her hand away from him…He wife is even disgusted by him…lol


Therefore less wretched, like I said.

Her prerogative.

He’s worse.


I dunno, what if I say this acronym I use to dismiss all legitimate criticism?


Do’h. That would be check and mate


:heart: I understand.

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:rofl: Good one.

All criticism is legitimate. It is the only thing with any legitimacy at all.