Herman Cain hospitalized with covid

A lot of questions on eyes as a transmission route.

A mask is better than no mask. Eye protection adds more protection.

Of course, the mask’s primary purpose is to stop from spreading it yourself.


“Masks will not be mandatory for the event, which will be attended by President Trump,” he said. “PEOPLE ARE FED UP!”

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Here is an actual expert on the eye infection scenario…

ETA: Dr. Thomas Steinemann, a clinical spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

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Of course! There’s absolutely nowhere else he could have possibly picked up any Corona virus that would trigger the non-specific virus test. Only there.

Does it matter? He likely picked it up because he was fraternizing with people who similarly eschewed wearing masks. This risky behavior was exemplified and blessed by Trump’s rally in Tulsa.

The co-founder of conservative student group Turning Point USA, Bill Montgomery, has died from complications of the coronavirus, according to two friends of his.

Montgomery, who started it in 2012 with young conservative star Charlie Kirk, died at the age of 80 on Tuesday from Covid-19, according to pro-Trump conservative strategist Caleb Hull.

Charlie Kirk is deleting tweets mocking the seriousness of Covid-19.

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Those memes are just as funny now as they were for the first 150,000 deaths. I wonder why he started deleting them.


That’s like saying a heavy Carhart work jacket is better at stopping bullets than a cotton T-shirt. :wink:

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You think masks are ineffective? LoL.

Presumably he remained consistent by not wearing a mask anywhere. If that was the case, that would be the point.

To prevent you from contracting COVID … that’s entirely correct, they are not effective. They are about as effective at stopping the virus as the Carhart jacket is at stopping bullets.

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“Likely” means “he may not have”. So, yes, it does matter.

Your non sequitur is noted.

The latest Dutch study finds no proof that masks have any effect.


That’s not a study. That’s someone looking at the people’s work.

Not sure their opinion immediately ignores all the opinions/evidence of the majority but I understand you will seek that which agrees with your forgone conclusion.


You seem so sure…:grinning:

The evidence suggests you are wrong.

Can you explain why the Dutch have mandated masks to be worn while using public transport?


Optics? Thats complete BS and you know it.

Why are you fighting wearing a mask so hard? How is your life negatively impacted or your freedoms somehow curtailed?

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