Here's what's really wrong with America's males

I really like this article. She also wrote a book.

But instead of pointing to any actual policies that Republicans have implemented that have benefited men, Hawley offered empty promises — like not being mean to them so they don’t watch porn all day.


But it’s not just the law and order principles that Hawley’s own party spews that make it harder for men to become fathers, it’s also his aforementioned stance on higher education. Less access to education for young men has meant that while single women’s wages have remained the same over the last 30 years, single men’s wages have decreased since 1990, and the most recent data we’ve seen points to the worrying trend of a surplus of single men.

Interesting. “Less access”?


Reminds me of Ye Good Ol’ Toxic Masculinity Days


IMO…the internal factors are the bigger problem and that is children not being guided into adulthood by their married, biological parents. This is a key in a child’s stable, mental development early on and guiding them along the path of education. This unity helps provide an internal, mental stability plus provides them with essential tools through education they’ll need later in life plus they had the opportunity to observe their parents deal with life’s problems both professionally and personally…proving it can be done.

Having this sound basis, provides the added internal, mental strength to deal with the external forces that may be working against them such as the condemnation of masculinity.

"Among high school seniors whose parents or guardians had a college education or more, 64 percent lived with married parents throughout childhood in 2016," the study noted.

Race was also examined in the study. Asian-American children were found to be the most stable group, with two-thirds of them living with married parents throughout their childhood.


Interesting, can’t wait to see where this is going.

wages have remained stable, but nice things have become more affordable

the problem with men nowadays is the disease of leftism

you wont find that in any books or articles on the network of leftism msnbpsycho

The reality is that anyone who thinks there is this broad approach that government or a group can adopt to socially engineering a society is not going to find success, or will actually find much resistance, in a country of free individuals most of whom who value autonomy over their own life and decisions.

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What country is that?

You don’t believe that most Americans value autonomy over their own life and decisions?

Evidence would seem to indicate otherwise.


Are you referring to today’s so-called “liberal” or progressive?

I am referring, right now, to Euro countries having continuous demonstrations against lock downs and vax passports and the crickets we are hearing in the US.



More men not going to college. So they go into construction and get toughened up, what’s the problem?


Is the problem that welders and plumbers don’t make enough money, or that their training circumvents the leftist indoctrination pushed in higher education institutes?

Maybe they need to go to knight school…:grin::grin::grin:


Welders, plumbers, truck drivers and other “trades” make vastly more money than oafs that spent borrowed or daddy’s money on a four year degree in getting drunk and high.


bring back mandatory military service. both men and women. Rich and poor.

I’m 100% for that.

I agree. Unless they are going for STEM degrees or trade school, they just need to find work and avoid the whole college scam. Let the girls with “more access” to college deal with paying off their student loans with entry level jobs.

What branch were you in?

I was never in service.
my younger brother is in army reserve.