Here's the result of failed Democrats policies and leadership (Austin, TX)

They call it turning Texas blue, how about brown and red from the ■■■■ and blood on the streets?

What is the Conservative solution to homelessness?

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Here’s an article about this:

I find it fascinating that Vladimir Lenin’s doctrine was “He who does not work shall not eat” i.e. under socialism only those who contribute are allowed to enjoy fruits of everyone’s labor.

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That was for the bourgeoisie, not the proletariat.

Sure. No.

On The Famine A Letter To The Workers Of Petrograd (



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Do you live in or near Austin?


Yes, you live in TX, correct?

Yes, not Austin.

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I’m familiar with it :). Read the whole thing.

Been there did that. Naturally, he believes that the work will be required when true socialism is established and all middle class opponents are killed. But hey, that’s Lenin.
And socialism.

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Who does “if you don’t work you don’t eat” sound like in this country? Bootstraps!

This is capitalism at its finest. As more rich people move it, it drives up the price of basically everything. Those rich people also expect rich people amenities… which displace less desirable (and cheaper) stores.

As the cost of living goes up… so does the homelessness

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Machine gun turrets…more than likely along our southern border. :roll_eyes:

Machine guns would take out women and children. Snipers taking out military aged men before they cross would be a useful deterrent. Finish the border wall would de-escalate US homelessness. More people looking for housing in the present housing stock only make mathematical sense to people who want to see more homelessness because they believe it has political value for them.

As the number of illegal immigrants goes up so does the cost of housing and cost of living. Supply and demand.

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What does this have to do with Austin

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