Here's the DOW year to date. Where does it go from here?

It’s been stagnant for the entire year. Up a little over 100 points in the last 7 months. You’d think it would have to break out at some point. Does it happen now or does it stay in chop?

After the Ds lose the midterms, it’ll go up…“believe me”. :sunglasses:

We’re due for a correction. Not sure if it will happen this year or next year.

here’s Ford (YTD)…

Increased raw materials cost.

Pulls out crystal ball… Looks like we can get back to that late Jan. highs and maybe a little above this year but chop, chop, chop along the way. Big push seems to be on in the S&P right now to test those highs and NASDAQ getting murdered this morning after FB surprise disappointment and guidance last night.

Well… where is that damn market collapse the experts predicted?

Or the soaring that other experts predicted.

Yep. And it’s always a party before the correction hits.

Ford’s had structural issues for quite some time

FB, NFLX, and T are going to start bringing down the markets along with Fed hikes increasing cost of debt. Chop off the 15% tax cut from earnings for a true indicator. Hitting saturation in a lot of industries

#smyrna sells cars. Probably foreign and domestic. I like to bring up the auto bailout (which he conveniently supported) and specific auto manufacturers (since his posts seem to support other industries having to suffer for the greater good). He never much answers about his own industry needing to suffer or fail due to capitalism.