Here's a stat the Left or BLM rarely if ever talk about

According to this source even though blacks only make up about 13% of the population they tragically account for OVER 50% of people murdered in the United States!

Personally I absolutely agree that any life taken unjustly by police is unacceptable and consequently should result in reforms that rectify that. That being said does anyone here believe that is the bigger issue? Is what happened to George Floyd honestly more tragic than what happened to this young girl?

Here’s a question for those on the left, do you honestly not understand why those of us on the right look cynically at BLM and liberal Democrats? So in 2018 over 7,400 black lives were taken unjustly by people other than cops and if I remember correctly about 300 were by cops and of course most of those were not unjustified. Where’s the national protests, where’s the national outrage? We have every right to cynical.

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Sounds disproportionate.

An epidemic of violence.

Now more than ever…ALL LIVES MATTER!!

No one wants to look in the mirror at their own cultural problems.

“All those responsible people trying to avoid responsibility.”

A quote from an Anime series.


I periodically watch the ID channel and the link I posted about that young girl was so tragic. There are some really sick people out there.

It’s all ■■■■■■■ politics, money and power. The fact is that the left doesn’t want to talk about this is because who are they going to blame? Most of these inner cities where the crime is happening have been run by Democrats for 50-60 years. So you can’t blame yourself, that’s not good politics. And since blacks politically are best portrayed as perpetual victims of the so-called system it does no political good to blame them.

I get you want BLM to represent something they’ve told you repeatedly that they are not. BLM is also about justice. When a black person kills another black person, the killer usually goes to jail. When a cop does, they overwhelmingly don’t. That’s the big issue. Justice.

If BLM wants to expand to cover what your link addresses, then they can.

Otherwise there are many other organizations who cover what you are talking about.

Start with The “Stop The Violence & Increase the Peace” movements.


Don’t spread this BS.

You wrongly assume that black people don’t care about black on black crime… just because there aren’t huge media focused marches for them.

That is 100% incorrect. It’s a dangerous assumption to perpetuate.



If we are targeting what kills the most people, let’s tackle heart disease and then we can go from there.

If you and all the other people on the left here want to look favorabIy on BLM that’s your prerogative, I sure as heck don’t have to. Also I fully understand why a left wing organization like them takes the approach they do, more attention and money involved:

Finally I’m not just picking on BLM here.

For what they stand for, I agree with it 100%. People who riot, loot, kill in the name of BLM are not following the mission statements of BLM.

BLM should be judged on its own merits. Are they following their stated mission? I’d say yes.

It’s no surprise that BLM is getting donations. People believe in the cause. I hope they get many more billions and I also hope that they use that money to maintain AND perhaps expand their mission.

If they expand they’re mission to cross over into addressing black on black violence, then I would support that as well… just like I do today. However, what they shouldn’t do is change their mission to something else, just because conservatives choose not to understand their current one.


He’s not saying they don’t care. The fact is that the left rarely if ever wants to discuss individual responsibility. Just look at the responses from those on the left here about the increases in violence: poverty, COVID, the heat.

What is that which you are throwing against the wall to see if it sticks? It stinks…And it doesn’t stick. Most black murders go unsolved… and so the murderer goes free. Oh… now lers hear how those chicago murders are perpetrated mostly by whites. That would be your only defense.

Facts. Try them sometimes.

That doesn’t negate my statement. Prison requires a conviction. Conviction requires a defendant.

When the defendant of a black murder victim is black. They usually go to jail.

When the defendant is a cop, they usually don’t.

You said

"When a black person kills another black person, the killer usually goes to jail"

Of course the facts I presented negate your statement. Of course you will deny that.

Looky, looky…you’re being hit with the factual truths again today and you go into denial.

Now go into emotional rant about…“just because they were charged, doesn’t mean they were convicted”?

The OP can sharpen those statistics up a tad more when you remove the female portion out of the whole? That would take out over half…leaving approximately 6% of the population being responsible for over 50% of all murders.

Nor of a white, Asian or anybody else. It’s not race.

This what? The thread is not specifically about BLM, which BLM is one part of.

GASP! You can’t point out the Elephant in the Lib room!

Shame on you! :rofl:

Here’s the deal. You need public support. (Otherwise BLM is destined to perpetual rioting and vandalism without results.)

As it stands now, you’re not getting it. People see the duplicity of the “cause”. Try as you might, the attempts at limited self-definition just look dishonest for BLM.