Here’s All The Slaves Harris’s Family Owned

Just in case you might be related

Does it matter to you that your new queen witch Harris is a total hypocritical fraud?

lol. of course not.

Dont forget to demand your reparations!

Keep that in mind when your local ballot harvester comes around in a panic on nov 4

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I wonder which one of them is the one he raped.


This “black woman with a slave owning ancestor” line of attack isn’t that well thought through.


yep. thats what youre stuck with. a problem huh?

Shhh, please let them continue.


So what do you suggest that we do ? Exhume Mr. Brown’s ashes and persecute him for unfair labor practices ?

Think it through.

Why would a black Woman of Jamaican heritage have an Irish slave owner in her family’s past?


And to think she lectured scarecrow joe about hanging out with segregationists.

Hey, didn’t *bama’s ancestors own slaves too??

And didn’t his other ancestors trade slaves as well??

Weird choices dims.

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This Brown fella sure did a lot of rapin’, so much so, that a whole town was named after him.

I really want Trump to use the OP to attack Harris. Please god let him use it.


Seems like a buncha spittle flecked nonsense to me. Harris isn’t our “Queen”, she’s the vp candidate for president.

Just thinkin’


you owe reparations!

(see how shockingly stupid that sounds?)

is every dark skinned person “black” now?

Nice way to ignore just how mind numbingly dumb this line of attack on Harris is.

Carry on… this dumb thread will certainly go on at least 100 posts

i would have also accepted “pragmatic moderate”


(no i wouldnt have. )

doncha like calling attention to the obvious?

shhh. theyre right. ignore this like cnn taught us

so did Harris’s family own all those slaves or what?

I am pretty sure that that has already happened.

What do you think?