Here is Christianity on display in real time

Imagine having the faith and fortitude to do this?


This is why I am not celebrating its demise, regardless of my lack of belief.

God bless.

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Class act.


Yea, the world needs more atheists, like we had in the 1900’s. Oceans of blood and mountains of dead bodies was atheism’s gift to humanity in the 20th century.

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It’s an incredible act of forgiveness and compassion, and stands in stark contrast to what feels like the predominant attitude of the present day.

You need to evolve past the notion that only Christians are capable of this, and conversely that atheists aren’t. Life and people aren’t that simplistic, and you do yourself a disservice limiting yourself this way.

Atheists bashing Christians is like Hitler bashing the PLO for their treatment of Jews. Get some self awareness.

Yes, incredible compassion and forgiveness.

Where did this come from? No one is bashing Christians in this thread, specific to this story.

The poster said he won’t celebrate the demise of Christianity. It sounded like he prefers an atheist society and I correctly stated what such societies did in the 20th century. Don’t shoot the messenger. It’s not my fault that Mao murdered 65 million.

No, he is saying he won’t celebrate the demise of Christianity, despite being a nonbeliever, because it at times inspires scenes like what was seen in that courtroom. It was an assessment of the faith’s positive impact.

My bad then.

Way to take a big steaming squat on the thread, Patrick. :clap:

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Its not atheism’s fault either.

No problem.

Christianity is dying?

The rest of the world must have missed that memo.

Ever been to a church in Europe? Yeah, neither have the Europeans.

Haven’t been to Europe. Wouldn’t go to church, anyways, as I’m non Christian.

Christianity doesn’t count in Asia, Africa or Latin America?

Or when immigrants bring it to the U S?

Listening to Spanish & Portuguese language radio at times, church services are frequently broadcast for those speakers. That indicates Christianity is dying?

I don’t think so.

It’s been in decline in the west for a long time and I don’t say that gleefully. Outside the west it may be thriving but that doesn’t impact us so I am referring to the west not some third world countries throughout South America and Africa.