Here is a list of Trump and his admin. dictator-ish tendencies

It’s apparent Trump et. al. are desirous of a dictatorship.

Just a few reasons to believe this:

  • Trump wants to shoot people in the leg if they are suspected of crossing the border.
  • Trump wants a moat and spikes around an on his wall.
  • Trump wants duly elected representatives of color ‘sent bacl’
  • He wants to throw Shif in jail for no reason.
  • He calls a legally acting citizen a spy and threatens capital punishment against them
  • His state department wants to punish people acting lawfully if it results in harm to the administration
  • Trump wants to use his AG as a poetical operative.

I’m sure there is more - feel free to add to the list. But typing this is depressing.

We have become a banana republic at last.


Where was this sheople food being distributed?

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Which of the points the poster made was not true?

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He wants to throw Shif in jail for no reason. Now answer my question? What source provided this sheople food? Post the link?

I started this list over coffee this AM.

So…which point is not accurate?^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1178442762284404736&

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I want Schiff questioned at the highest level for Fraud & Treason…

Applying your post, first recognize there is no “Schif” and second…where does it talk about prison?


Oh how silly…

Fine, I’ll amend my list.

  • Trump intimidates duly elected representatives by threatening them with state interrogation and by making baseless charges of fraud and treason.

Now…you and I are in agreement. You’re being silly.

What is the punishment for fraud and treason.

And really, a missing letter? :face_with_monocle:

Let him keep talking…

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He wants him investigated for fraud and treason with zero evidence to back that up.

So it’s not false.

So…would you care to try again? What is false about that list?

Your question is a deflection and is duly noted as a deflection.

Evaluate and address the issues in the post…then we can go to the next step.


You must be referring to the blatant evidence Shiff spoke of…over and over…on national television…for well over a year…telling all of his sheople that he had 100% positive evidence of Trump’s Russian collusion that after the Mueller report was concluded, he could not produce. Is that the evidence you’re speaking of?


Soylent Green Inc.


Scott Stedman is building an army!

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Speaking of “sheople food…”

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Repeat after me…orange man baaaa, baaa, baaaad. :sunglasses:

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Of all the dumb things people to say to defend Trump, “Orange man bad” is by far the dumbest. It’s basically just admitting that you don’t have any reasonable defense.