Help with the Irs

I need help. In 2010 my identity was stolen and someone filed a income tax return under my social security number. I have now been issued a pin every year by the IRS in order to file my taxes. This year I never received the pin number in the mail. I have been trying to file my taxes since March. I recently found out from a Tax Advisor that if I were to mail in my tax form I would not get my return until about three months. I am currently out of work, the IRS owes me $9,000. How in the world am I going to get in touch with them to mail me a pin number, when I live in Florida and even though so-called essential businesses are open I cannot reach a single person in the IRS just to ask them to mail the damn pin number. I cannot use a self-help site since I have no credit cards and I have no car loans I am debt-free and plan to stay that way. I need someone to help shine light on the fact that people like myself are suffering yet the government owes us money mail me a PIN number irs… Get to work!

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I’m in the “secret PIN” boat too.

Several years after the ID breach, I overlooked putting my PIN on the return. I couldn’t e-file, and I couldn’t figure out why. I did a mail-in filing, and I got my return in less tan a month. So the three-month prediction may be overly cautions. (Caveat: Each year is different, so my 2014 experience (or whenever it was) may not match this year’s experience. But at least I wanted to share that experience with you.)

Doesn’t help you get that PIN now, of course. Your tax advisor has no help for you on that?


She was the one that advised me to wait it out to efile.