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So I would think there has to be a way, but please forgive me because I havent found it.

If I come to a thread of 500 posts, and I reply to post seven, as soon as I hit the reply button, It takes me to my post at 501. Then I have to scroll up the post to try and find where I was. How do I get back to where I was at post 7 so I can keep reading the other replies to the thread? Is there a key stroke or mouse click or something?

Any help would be appreciated.

Right click on your icon (top right of screen), click the sprocket (just to the right of the envelope) When that comes up, click summary, then down to interface, and put a check mark into the box before “Don’t jump to my post after I reply” then save changes. That should do the trick.

Thanks Snow…I was able to find it.

Hey . . . someone, anyone . . . mark this down. I was able to help someone with a setting! And it didn’t screw up the rest of their settings!

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Holy ■■■■■■

@Snow96 I just noticed my posts started jumping to the bottom, and when I tried to follow your instructions, I noticed the option you just described for komobu no longer exists on my interface menu.

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Just noticed my did the same thing. looks like the option went away in the latest version of the software when the upgrade was put in.

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@GWH can you check with the powers that be to see if that option can be activated or if it’s gone gone gone, lake a sad sad song.

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You can click on post your responded too and it take you back to that post.

I’ll call the man.

No use. They ripped it out when they made the last update.

Ah-thanks for looking into it.

I really preferred the way it was before-I get where they’re coming from (read the read to see if others have made the point you’re going to make), but when I want to respond to a specific person or post, I usually don’t remember what post I was at and have to scroll back up to reply to others.

They don’t appear willing to do much about it reading a couple of threads over there about it. Not a major inconvenience-but I thought it was a nice feature.

I liked it better that way too. But it doesn’t look like the developers are going to budge. Perhaps they’ll add it back with the next update.

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after you reply to someone, hit the up arrow next to their name and it will take you back to where you were.

That only works if you quote a part of the post-if you just use reply to the person, that option isn’t there.

just quote the whole thing.

Hit the arrow beside their avatar.