HELP OUR VETERANS: Take the 11-11 Pledge Today!

Originally published at: HELP OUR VETERANS: Take the 11-11 Pledge Today! | Sean Hannity

The 11-11 Pledge is a nationwide effort to inspire a renewed spirit toward the true meaning of Veterans Day, 11-11, and to honor and appreciate our veterans in a meaningful and memorable way like never before, from classrooms to corporations to communities.

Building Homes for Heroes began the 11-11 Pledge in 2018 to unite our country behind our heroes on our nation’s only holiday devoted to our veterans. All it takes is $11 to make a difference in the lives of wounded veterans and their families. In honor of Veterans Day, the organization will gift 11 homes in 11 weeks for the second straight year across the country. Of these homes, nine are Purple Heart recipients and two have received the Silver Star. It’s an accomplishment that the organization plans to do again next year and every year.

“The goal of the 11-11 Pledge is to generate a renewed enthusiasm and revival across the country of the true meaning and spirit of Veterans Day, so children and students in elementary school, middle school, high schools and universities, and all Americans from sea to shining sea will be unified under a sense of patriotism and compassion for all,” said Building Homes for Heroes Founder Andy Pujol. “What more beautiful way to honor all the heroic men and women who have sacrificed so much for our great country?”

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