Help Calif... Please

Please look at the 2018 California Governors debate on Univision Noticias; Forum with California’s gubernatorial candidates 2018 - YouTube. Demarcate Antonio Villaraigosa and Gavin Newsom poll the highest and scare me Big Time. Allen and Cox need big Republican help. California either needs to have the federal law enforcement come in and hold the politicians responsible or we need to flip the state Republican before we dry up and wither away.

What would you like me to do?

I’ll chip in ten bucks toward their secession; twenty if they take new york.


California is already turning into Venezuela. It’s a lost cause. You should get out of there now while you still have the chance.


Not sure that exactly the OP is looking for. Short of holding a gun to people’s head and telling them who to vote for, I don’t see any way of doing what the OP wants. And, at least under current laws, that kind of thing is frowned upon in this country.

There is zero possibility of turning CA red at least for several decades.

I am getting COX robocalls and mailings. He seems nastier then Allen, so Even though he use to be a nevertrumper and from Chicago he might get some votes.

At the moment the TV is running a Gavin Newsom ad stressing how he will fight for gun control.

I wonder who the illegals will vote for?

Cox is backed by the Jarvis Tax Payer (Prop 13) Association.

Claims he will end Sanctuary City.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador is suppose to win the presidential election quite easily

Maybe he’ll build a wall to contain his voters?

Only tyrants build walls to keep their population from leaving. I’m not surprised you think it’s a good idea

What do you call a leader who’s population are some of the worst drug dealers in the world and the government does little to nothing to stop it? A tyrant would be a step up.

I suggest Valium.

President Trump

Yeah Trump might block your Heroin supply.

Trump has done nothing to make the opioid/heroin epidemic better

What is Melania’s purpose FOR the “Be Best” initiative?

Doesn’t matter what the purpose is the opioid epidemic has gotten significantly worse in the the short amount of time Trump’s been President

What steps have actually been taken and how is a program that makes kids feel better about themselves going to reduce the opioid epidemic? a lack of self confidence is not why the epidemic is occurring. Its because our medical system had a systemic problem with overprescribing addictive pain killers.

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If I didn’t love Wisconsin so much, California would be high on the list of places to live.

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