Hello mods? I guess this needs to be 15 characters

You gonna answer my PM or should I just post it out here for everyone…

This makes 4 threads now and you havent done anything. Which now I’m decided to ask what the hell is up with this since it seems the goal is to get people banned or on a timeout in order to save the board…

Because the way I see it. Things are getting worse than before and I can pin it on one person exactly.

I’m going back to watching breaking bad. I’ll be back after hank fights the twins.

Do you know something the rest of us don’t know?

Breaking bad is a good show…I’ll wait for the mods…

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So that one individual is the cause for all the problems here?


One poster to destroy them all!


What pm? Try again.

You’ve changed your username…would that have had an effect?

Spoiler alert…Frank’s gonna fight the twins…

the left thinks everything’s a conspiracy these days…

It’s not a spoiler unless you tell who wins. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Let me find the text

That’s rich.

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Yeah……Seth rich…


No. It’s the same account. I got his message when he tried again.